Commodities Trading by KT Astrologer


Trading in ruled by Mercury and 5th house in general. If you want to make speculative gains, then you need to have stronger 5th, 11th house in your birth chart. Besides ruling planets (Gochara) need to support trading for you.


No matter what it is not possible to predict the price of a commodity correctly and consistantly all the time using the planets movement. You need to watch the word consistantly on my previous line. We can map that when moon is transiting on this sign (lets say Leo), the price of Gold will go down. But this pattern will be limited for couple of months but this will change.



I have written this article to help you to choose the right commodities for trading but it does not reflect the price action (upward or downward) for any commodities.




First you need to understand what planets are ruling which commodities:


Sun: Gold

Moon: Silver

Mars: Copper

Mercury: Bronze

Jupiter: Gold

Venus: Silver

Saturn: Iron, Steel

Rahu: Mixed or lead

Ketu: Lead


Note: Crude Oil is ruled by Saturn, Venus and Moon.

Note: FOREX is ruled by Venus and Mercury.


In case, if you are having benefic Jupiter or Sun on the transit, then you can see trading in Gold investments can give you good fortunes.


In case,. if you are having benefic Saturn, then trading in Crude Oil can give you good fortunes.


The following is an example, most people will feel it:


1. A person is having benefic Jupiter but Malefic Saturn on the transit.

2. Benefic Jupiter can give him good profits and he decides to trade in both Crude Oil and Gold.

3. He is successful in trading with big profits in Gold let it be any side he makes the bet, that is long position or short position.

4. He books a big loss in crude oil investments. He tried both short side or long side play.


No matter which side is on the trade. Whatever the person does, the market will make exact opposite move to that person. The important point here is same planet is responsible for pushing the price up and down through the same aspect. That's why I see if anyone (astrologer) says that price action can be predicted by astrology everytime correctly, then it is wrong. The pattern might work for couple of days but not all the time since there are so many players in the market.



I have explained how the money is lost and gained here.


1. Gold trading is ruled by Jupiter.

2. In the transit, Jupiter would be favorable for 5 moon signs and unfavorable for 7 moon signs.

3. When Gold trading happens in stock market, the traders / investors having unfavorable Jupiter in Gochara will lose their money.

4. That money will get rewarded to the investors / traders having favorable Jupiter on transit.

5. Both upward and downward price movement is determined by the same planet, in this case Jupiter.

6. Jupiter will make sure on how to lose money through Gold trading when it is unfavorable and give big fortunes for the traders having favorable Jupiter.


If you are having unfavorable Jupiter and Sun on transit, then it is not possible to make money through Gold trading. At most, you can reach break even, provided other planets are in good position and you have got good natal chart support. In case, if you make money on your gold trade with unfavorbale Jupiter, then you need to revisit astrology - the transit effects of Jupiter would have been nullified by Gochara Vedhas and other benefic planets on transit.



The thumb rule here is by knowing astrology, you can not change your fortune. But you can increase your mental strength to accept the incidents and pass the hard time smoothly.


Consequently the bottom line is, if anyone says that they can predict the price of any stock or commodities, keep in mind that your natal chart also need to support that. So it is better to check your natal chart for trading rather than ordering report for price movement on a stock or any other commodities.