Planet - Mars / Sevvai


Mars is 4th planet out to the sun. It takes about 40 days to traverse one zodiac sign. It is red in color and often known as red planet.


Mars is a army general / commander in chief in astrology. It rules sports, war, blood, ego, real estate, police and armed forces, administrator, engineering, energy, yonger siblings.


Mars rules the sign Aries (Mesham) and Scorpio (Viruchigam). It is exalted in Capricorn (Makaram) sign and debilitated in Cancer (Katagam) Sign. It is also called as mangal, angarakan, sevvai, chevvai, kuja, etc.


Gem Stone: Coral

Number: 9

Metal: Copper

Direction: South

Color: Red

Element: Fire

Body: Blood, Bones

Karaka: Temper, Energy.

Diety: Lord Murugan or subramanya





Vaidheeswaran Temple located kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu is a famous sthalam for Mars.