Planet - Mercury / Budhan

Mercury is the closet planet to the sun and it is a very fast moving planet. It takes about 14 days to traverse one zodiac sign.


Mercury is a prince in astrology and is considered as a messenger of god. Mercury represents communications, travel, studies, research, speech, intelligence, medical, trading, computers, IT, website, accounts, mathematics, printing and publishing industry. It does represent Maternal uncle as well.


Mercury rules the sign Gemini (Midhunam) and Virgo(Kanni). It is exalted in Virgo(Kanni) sign and debilitated in Pisces (Meenam) Sign.


Gem Stone: Emerald

Number: 5

Metal: Bronze

Direction: North

Color: Green

Element: Air

Body: Nervous System

Karaka: Communication

Diety: Lord Vishnu




Thiruvengadu temple located Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu is a famous sthalam for Budhan.