Planet - North Node / Rahu

Both Rahu and Ketu does not rule any sign, but they have given as the status of a planet. They are just a shadow of moon at the north node and south node respectively. Since the shadow is so powerful, rahu and ketu gets the planet status. Rahu is known ad dragon's head and Ketu is known as dragon's tail.


Rahu receives Thief status in astrology. Rahu rules paternal side grand parents, materialistic and luxuary life, foreign affairs, foreign countries, engineering, techinical and manipulative trading, complexity, smoking, drinking, theft, gambling and bad elements in the society, corruption.


Gem Stone: Black Sapphire / Gomedhakam

Number: 4

Metal: Mixed

Direction: South West

Color: black or smoke

Element: Air (Wind)

Body: Nervous System

Karaka: Materialistic Life

Diety: Durga Devi



Kalahasthi temple near Tirupathi in Andrapradesh, closer to Chennai, is the famous Rahu Sthalam.