Planet - Saturn / Sani


Saturn is the second largest planet after Jupiter and it is the first heaviest planet on the sky. It is the 6th planet out from the SUN in the solar system.


Saturn rules the signs Capricorn(Makaram) and Aquarius (Kumbam). It is exalted (Ucham) in Libra(Thula) sign and debilitated(Neecham) in Aries (Mesha) Sign.


Saturn is also called Sani, Shani, Saneeswaran, Manthan, etc. Saturn is a very slow moving planet and it takes about 30 years to complete one cycle around the earth and it takes nearly two and half years to traverse one zodiac sign.


Saturn is the son of Sun and Chaya Devi. But Saturn and Sun are permanent enemies and they do not like each other.


Saturn is Blue Color and hosts the metal iron. His vechile vahanam is crow and animal is buffalo. Saturn rules Coal, Pressure and Ancient period. It is a planet of truth, hard work, ambition, teeth, chin, bones. He also rules jail, prison, labour workers, handicapped and old-aged people, municipality, drainage and low level workers. He denotes the final experience of death.


Gem Stone: Blue (or black) Sapphire

Number: 8

Metal: Iron, Steel

Direction: West

Color: blue (or black) when considering with Rahu

Element: Air

Body: Teeth, Chin, Bones

Karaka: Past Karma

Diety: Yama Dev







Saturn Sthalam is Kuchanur (Shenbaganallur) in Theni District. It is 30 KMs from Theni and 100 KMs from Madurai. You may also visit Thirunallaru.