Vimsottari Maha Dasa Period - 120 Years

Vimsottari Maha Dasa influence is very important and its period and sub period calculations are explained on this article.


There are 12 rashis and 27 stars. The position of the moon at the time of birth is important for calculating the Vimsottari Maha Dasa. If the person born on the star of Aswini or Makam or Moolam, then the lord is Ketu. The person will start with Ketu Maha Dasa. The star has got 4 padas and each pada consists of 3 degree and 20 minutes and hence totalling 13 degree and 20 minutes (800 minutes). Depends on the length of dasa period (given below) and the remaining minutes on the star are considered to know how many days have been passed for the dasa at the time of birth.


Vimsottari Maha Dasa by KT Astrologer


Vimsottari Maha Dasa is totalling of 120 years and the split up for each dasa period is given below. The order must also be followed.


Ketu - 7 Years

Venus - 20 Years

Sun - 6 Years

Moon - 10 Years

Mars - 7 Years

Rahu - 18 Years

Guru - 16 Years

Sani - 19 Years

Budha - 17 Years


For each dasa period, there will be anter dasa called Bukthi. All maha dasa will starts with its own bukthi period and will have 9 bukthi period in the same propotion described above.


I have given here the length of bukthi periods under venus dasa:


Venus Bukthi - 1218 days

Sun Bukthi - 365 days

Moon Bukthi - 609 days

Mars Bukthi - 426 days

Rahu Bukthi - 1096 days

Guru Bukthi - 974 days

Sani Bukthi - 1157 days

Budha Bukthi - 1035 days

Ketu Bukthi - 426 days

Venus dasa total: 7305 days that is 20 years




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