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Volume 4 - Issue 12 Software & Finance Monthly Magazine

December 2014

Astrology - December 2014 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Kataga Rasi (Cancer)



Sun will be transiting into your 5th and 6th house indicating favorable position for entire this month. Saturn will start giving more family problems and can affect your relationships adversely during this month. Besides Mars and Venus are also against you, this month would be problematic. You can not expect any great support from Jupiter also. Only Rahu and Sun are in good position but they can not protect you from the malefic effects of Saturn and Mars. This month is looking more problematic compared to last month in many aspects of your life.



You would have regained your health a lot during this last month. But again your health will take a hit with too much of mental pressure and tension. Only your mental health can affect your physical body. You will continue to have more problems in many aspects and hence creating more mental stress for you. You need to have good friends, which is harder for you to get at this time. You will get friends only they can misguide you into gambling and drinking habbits. You need to be very careful since you may get addicted to bad habits during this month. Make sure you are fully covered with your close family members and good friends. You will start losing interests on doing out door activities and exercise. This can again increase your cholesterol and sugar level. It is better for you \to concentrate your time on meditation and prayers.


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December 2014 Monthly Rasi Palan Astrology Horoscope For Kataga Rasi Cancer Moon Sign by KT Astrologer


Family, Love and relationship 

Saturn and Mars will create adverse results on your family environment. Things will start going out of your control and you will enter into panic mode on how to handle the family problems. You will develop severe conflicts and arguments with your spouse. You will get mentally depressed with sequence of problems you are getting in this month.


If you are love affairs, then things are looking much worse. There is no surprise if your mate start talking about separation and breaking the relationship. You need to have enough tolerance and patience to maintain the good relationship. Otherwise you will lose your mate and endup with lots of emotional pain. Do not handle any situation through mediators since they will create a clear separation on their free time.


If you are single, then it is going to be one of the worst time to look for a match and get hurt with your emotional feelings. Better to stay single for the next couple of months. If you plan for engagements, you need to have excellent natal chart support otherwise can lead to broken engagements. Avoid getting into new love affairs since it can make your life miserable.



Students will get some relief and able to focus on their studies this month. You need to work hard to get good credits. If you have any friends (from opposite sex), problems are most likely that can disturb your studies.


Work / Career and Business 

I do not see any major changes at your work environment. But your health and emotional stress will clearly affect your work performance and you will start getting bad name with your boss. Job problems would be tiny compared to other problems you face. If you are currently unemployed, it is unlikely that you will get another job. It is also not a good time to ask for promotion and salary hike. Try to adjust the work environment and start focus on how to fix the family problems going forward.


Business people will have hectic time. Mainly you will not find any time to concentrate on your business. Your company workers will start cheating you and / or take your money for their personal use. Your good employees may even quiting their job to join with your competitors. You need to work on cost control and avoid any kind of expansion to your business. If you want, you can narrow down your focus to profit making areas.


Immigration / Foreign travel 

Your immigration benefits will not make any progress. If you apply for Visa, it will get rejected for no reasons. Foreign travel may have to wait for another couple of months.


Finance and Investments

It is going to be a challenging time for your finance. Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Venus will not support your financial growth. Besides they will create more expenses so that you have to borrow money to build your debt mountain. You will be very much unlucky on anything you do. If you play black jack, you may lose continuosly for more than 10 or 15 times. You will have only one probability that is losing your money on each and every bet irrespective of probabilitics theory. Do not lend money to your friends or family members since it will not come back. Do not co-sign any loans also.


It is a wors time to enter into stock market trading. Since the option left out for you is take the loss on each and every investments you make. Speculators and Day Traders need to be very careful since wealth destruction is highly indicated on the cards.


People in the field of Movie, Arts, Politics, etc 

People in the field of Movie, Arts and politics will get some oppotunities but your bad luck will not make you grow. It means if you are a story writer, you can sell your good story to another person for low rate, but your story will become super hit on a movie. So the current time will teach you that your efforts and hard work will get recognized by the people and you will not enjoy any benefits out of it. Be careful with the people from the opposite sex, since the new relationship can make your situation much worse.


Warnings / Pariharam

This month is going to be very much problematic with respect to your health and relationship issues.


1. Avoid taking Non-Veg food for entire this month.

2. Visit temple on every Thursdays and Saturdays.



God Bless You!

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