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Volume 4 - Issue 10

October 2014

Astrology - October 2014 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Kataga Rasi (Cancer)


Sun will be transiting into your 3rd and 4th house indicating favorable position for entire this month. The impact of Saturn in your ardhastama sthanam will be over for you from Oct 18, 2014 onwards. However Jupiter is not in good position for you. The placement Rahu and Venus are looking good. Mars will start also start supporting your growth later this month. So far you would have seen the worst results. But I could see there are mixed signals from the planets. Hence you will have great relief and some growth for sure in this month.



Your physical health will start recover significantly as the month progress. But your mind energy will be low because of Jupiter placement on transit. If you can do prayers and meditation, you can recover your health completely by end of this month. This month is clearly looking much better than last month compared to your health perspective. Hence you can be happy that worst physical sufferings are over.


Your cholesterol and sugar will get controlled with the help of medicine. But still dizziness will also occur for some people running with weak maha dasa. Avoid alcoholic dinks since it will create more problems for you. You will also start doing workouts in gym and involve in outdoor sports activities.


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October 2014 Monthly Rasi Palan Astrology Horoscope For Kataga Rasi by KT Astrologer


Family, Love and relationship 

Since you are in the verge of coming out of Ardhastama Sani, you will get some relief on health, career and finance. However it is unlikely to solve your family problems. But the intensity of the problems will go down for sure as the month progress. Avoid unnecessary arguments with spouse and make sure to strengthen the relationship with your spouse. It is a good time for conjugal bliss with yoru spouse. Avoid planning for baby during this time since Saturn placement is not good yet.


If you are single and looking for suitable match, it is better to stay single. Since Janma Guru will make your life miserable if you are looking for a match. Lovers will have mixed results on their romance. This month is looking good but not going forward because of Saturn will be on your 5th house.



Students will get some relief and able to focus on their studies this month. You need to work hard to get good credits. If you have any friends (from opposite sex), problems are most likely that can disturb your studies.


Work / Career and Business 

You will finally see very good changes on your workplace. It is not the time to see the growth. But the work environment will be very much supportive, even though you do not get any financial benefits. You can keep your Job safe going forward. Since Jupiter will continue to supply its bitter pills, you can not expect any growth or promotion in this month. But work pressure and tension will go down.


Business people will start seeing some recovery as the month progress. Your worst part on your business is over. This month is looking much better than last month. But not a geat time to see the growth. Intensity of the problems will go down that can provide you some relief. Still You need to be very careful on each and everything you do. Your need to work on how to control your expenses. You will get a good opprotunities to borrow money at lower APR.


Immigration / Foreign travel 

Your immigration benefits will not make any progress during this month and it has to wait for couple of months from this point.


Finance and Investments

Your financial situation is looking much better than last month. You will start paying off your debts with refinancing. It is ok to apply for a bank loan after Oct 18, 2014. Expenses will be less compared to last month and that can also provide some relief. But still you will not have any luck on your finance.


It is the time for you make money through your hard work and through salary. Hence you have to stay away from any kind of stock market investments. Real estate tranactions are looking good in this month. However make sure you have enough natal chart support. It is a good time to buy electronics as well as vehicles.


People in the field of Movie, Arts, Politics, etc 

People in the field of Movie, Arts and politics will get some oppotunities in this month. Some financial rewards are also likely. The worst part that can affect your fame is already over. But still you have bad luck on regaining your fame. You can be happy that worst part is over and you will be able to meet your financial needs in this month. Be careful with any new relationship since it can put you in depressed more.


Warnings / Pariharam

This month is looking better than the last month and you can see relief on your health, finance and career. But family problems may continue.


1. Avoid taking Non-Veg food for entire this month.

2. Visit temple on every Thursdays and Saturdays.

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