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Volume 4 - Issue 10

October 2014

Astrology - October 2014 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Simha Rasi (Leo)



Sun will be transiting into your 2nd house and 3rd house indicating favorable position in the second half of this month. Since you are going to see the effects of Ardhastama Sani, things will start moving against you. Already Mars, Jupiter, Rahu are in bad position for you. Now Saturn going against you will start making your life miserable. You may expect to have problems in many aspects of your life. Mainly it will affect you health, career and finance. You are begin placed under severe testing period in this month.



Your health will get adversely as the month progress. Your energy level will go down and you will get exhausted for doing small work. You will also start developing problems related to stomach, gallbladder, arthritis. All major planets moving against you will create a severe setback on your health. You will also have disturbed sleep in this month. It is better to take enough medical insurance coverage for you and your family members. You need to have very good diet and exercise to protect your good health. If you fall sick in this month, better to seek for medical help sooner rather than latter.


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October 2014 Monthly Rasi Palan Astrology Horoscope For Simha Rasi by KT Astrologer


Family, Love and relationship 

Since Saturn is also moving against you, you will start seeing severe setback on your family life. Your family life will not get affected directly. But your health, finance and career problems will create conflicts with your spouse and can lead to misunderstanding. You need to develop soft skills and enough tolerance to maintain the good relationship.


Lovers will have very difficult time and endup in having severe flights. However relationship can continue but with lots of stress and adjustments. If you are single, then it is better to wait since your time is not looking good. If you have already got engaged, your marriage will happen with the strength of your natal chart and lingering positive effects of Saturn. Subha Karyas will happen in this month with lots of work and efforts. Communication problems will be much more than usual for you.



Students will need to be very careful since your testing period has started. Your health will not co-operate to focus on your studies. Besides you will not be able to concentrate on your class rooms with unwanted tensions. You need to be careful on the social circles since you may develop wrong friend circle at this time.


Work / Career and Business 

You will have severe setback on your career. Since Ardhastama Sani can easily take out your good Job, however it can happen only for people running with weak maha dasa. But problems at your workplace will get severe. People around you enjoy doing politics against you. Unfortunately you would not know who is playing against you. You can not expect any promotion and financial growth in this month. As long as you can stay at your current level, it would be a great victory for you. Any hasty decision will affect your Job immediately and adversely.


Business peoples will have sudden debacle in this month. Avoid expanding your business and work on cost control. Make sure your money on your business account is protected well. Avoid applying for business loans since it can create huge losses for you. Think twice on any important decision you make on your business.


Immigration / Foreign travel 

Immigration benefits will get delayed for you from this month. If you are expecting visa to travel abroad, it may not happen and may get postponed.


Finance and Investments

Investors and speculators will start seeing adverse results on thier bets. Speculator and Futures / Options traders will start seeing significant loss in this month.Your fortune is ending completely and you need to close all your position if you have weak natal chart. Your expenses will sky rocket and it would be interesting for you to see how your savings will get drained out very fast.


Avoid any kind of real estate transactions during this month. If you do so, then it will create very big problems for you in the coming months. Be conservative on your investment going forward. If you apply for a bank loan, it will get rejected in no time. Avoid lendning and borrowing money.



People in the field of Movie, Arts, Politics, etc 

You will not have any fortune in this month. You may start losing your name and fame in the field. You need to be very careful since some financial loss is also indicated for you in this month.


Warnings / Pariharam 

The month is bad compared to last couple of months.


1. Avoid taking Non-Veg food for entire this month.

2. Visit temple on every Thursdays and Saturdays.

3. Do charity as much as you can.


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