December 2015 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Midhuna Rasi (Gemini)

December 2015 Monthly Horoscope written by KT Astrologer

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December 2015 Monthly Horoscope for Midhuna Rasi Gemini Moon Sign written by KT Astrologer

Gemini (Midhuna)


Sun will be transiting into your 6th house and 7th house indicating favorable position in the first half this month. Saturn is gaining more and more energies, is in full force to do many positive things on your life. Besides Venus, Mercury and Sun are in very good position to accelerate your growth and success. While both Jupiter and Mars are not in good position, both are getting weak as this month progress and it is capable of creating double jackpot by early next month, provided you are running favorable maha dasa.



Minor health problems you had in the last month will come to an end now. Since Saturn and Venus are in very good position, you will keep gaining lot of positive energies as this month progress. You will continue to strengthen your body with your workouts and diets, you will regain your sound health and you will be perfect fit to do any task by end of this month. Reducing your weight to normal level and increasing your muscle strength and fair complexion, will be attractive to many people around you. You will be very happy on your health condition by end of this month.


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December 2015 Monthly Rasi Palan Astrology Horoscope For Midhuna Rasi Gemini Moon Sign by KT Astrologer




Family, Love and relationship 

This month will give an excellent opportunity to fix the problems or misunderstandings you had with your spouse and other close family members. You will start developing good relationship as this month progress. Favorable Saturn and Venus will make you feel happy in this month. It is a great time for conjugal bliss with your spouse. Eligible couples will get blessed with a baby now.



Lovers will come out of their misunderstanding and find good time on romance. If you are single, you will find a suitable match now. You might even get love proposal which will make you dance in the sky. You will get a chance to attend many subha karya functions. Your family will gain name and fame in your social circle.


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God Bless You!


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