December 2015 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Rishabha Rasi (Taurus)

December 2015 Monthly Horoscope written by KT Astrologer

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December 2015 Monthly Horoscope for Rishaba Rasi Taurus Moon Sign written by KT Astrologer

Taurus (Rishaba)



Sun will be transiting into your 7th house and 8th house indicating unfavorable position for entire this month. Jupiter and Ketu will continue to yield good results for you. Saturn and Venus are not in good position for entire this month, indicating more problems related health and family.  The good news for you is Mars is going to be on your favorable position by end of this month. Jupiter getting retrograde will continue to be favorable for you. Overall the positive and negative energies from the planets for getting balanced out and you will experience mixed results.




Since Mars will be on 5th house at the start of this month, the miserable combination of Saturn and Mars can create lot of emotional / psychological problems. You will develop unwanted tension and fear as this month progress.  You will start noticing problems on digestion, stomach pain and internal reproductive system. Since Mars is going on your favor by last week of this month and it will create benefic association with retrograde Jupiter early next month (Jan 2015), can fix most of the problems. If you were due for surgeries, it can be avoided or cured with medication after Dec 25, 2015.  


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December 2015 Monthly Rasi Palan Astrology Horoscope For Rishaba Rasi (Taurus Moon Sign) by KT Astrologer



Family, Love and relationship 

Your problems will continue very well into this month since Venus is also going out of your favor. The problems with your spouse will reach an extreme towards of end of this month. Keep enough tolerance and patience otherwise it will end up in creating temporary separation due to Job, travel or misunderstanding.


Unfortunately Saturn, Mars and Venus combination create setback on conjugal bliss with your spouse. It is definitely not a good time to plan for baby. If you are already in the pregnancy cycle, avoid travelling and take care of your health. Lovers will continue to have more arguments and conflicts, and will end up having worst time on romance. If you are single, then it is better to avoid looking for a match now. Any planned subha karyas will have to get postponed to later date.


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God Bless You!


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