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Volume 5 - Issue 3 Software & Finance Monthly Magazine

March 2015

Astrology - March 2015 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Kumba Rasi (Aquarius)



Sun will be transiting into your 1st house and 2nd house indicating unfavorable position for entire this month. Sani Bhagawan getting Vakra Kadhi will not make any difference for you. Mars entering onto your 3rd house by March 23, 2015 is looking great. But unfortunately Guru Bhagwan is getting Vakra Nivarthi at the same time and hence you would not be able to get any benefits out of favorable Mars. Overall the negative energies are much more than positives and you will start experience bad results for entire this month.



Your health will continue to get affected at least until March 15, 2015. But you may get some relief through end of this month. But the relief you get would be very temporary since Guru Bhagwan on your Runa Roga Sathru sthanam will give you more bitter pills to collapse your growth. So still you need to be very careful on your health for the next about 8 to 12 weeks.


You will start doing exercises with the strength of Mars. But it may not help you lower your cholesterol and sugar level. However it might help you to stay the same bad position. Do not ignore any warning signs and get medical help as much as possible. Avoid long distance and late night traveling. Stay focused on meditations and prayers to gain some positive energies. Click here to get your hourly health horoscope.


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March 2015 Monthly Rasi Palan Astrology Horoscope For Kumba Rasi Aquarius Moon Sign by KT Astrologer


Family, Love and relationship 

Jupiter on your 6th house is capable of creating severe fights with your close family members and in-laws. You will develop serious misunderstanding and can affect your happy family life. There will be lack of conjugal bliss with your spouse. It is not a good time to plan for baby.


If you are running weak maha dasa, you may get separated from your family. You are likely face to legal issues, litigation, in this hard time. Things may not go on your favor in the coming weeks. You will get cheated by your close friends and relatives in this time. Do not plan any subha karys in this period. Click here to get your hourly Family horoscope.


It is not going to be good time for the lovers. You will develop severe conflicts and arguments with your mate and that can take you to an extreme of having litigation or permanent separation. This is strongly indicated around 2nd of week of next month. Be careful on anything you do. Click here to get your hourly love / romance horoscope.



Students will continue to find hard time on concentrating on thier studies in this month. Things will get crazy and you will get lost yourself. Problems are most likely for you, if you have any friends (from opposite sex). Avoid drinking and smoking and keep good friends and family members around you!


Work / Career and Business 

This month is going to be a bad month at your workplace. Since Saturn is getting retrograde, you may see adverse results between March 10, 2015 and April 15, 2015. If you have weak natal chart, this period indicates unemployment. Office politics will continue to get worse. Work pressure and tension will be more. Even though you work for 24 hours, you would not be able to complete the projects and finally you get bad name at your workplace. Avoid working very hard for your career growth and promotion. Do the minimal things to keep your job safe and then take care of your health. Click here to get your hourly work / career horoscope.


If you are unemployed, you are unlikely to get a job in the next couple of months. Do not give up and keep trying. You will not have any luck but your hard work will make you shine very well once Jupiter moves forward into next sign.


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God Bless You!


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