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Volume 5 - Issue 5 Software & Finance Monthly Magazine

May 2015

Astrology - May 2015 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Vrichiga Rasi (Scorpio)



Sun will be transiting into your 6th house and 7th house indicating favorable position for entire this month. Both Sani Bhagawan and Guru Bhagawan are in excellent position for you! Rahu is also well placed on your 11th house, you will continue to enjoy raja yoga for entire this month. Venus moved onto your 8th house can increase your fortune. Overall this month is going to be a golden period for you! However you will be placed under severe testing period from Mid-July 2015. Since the gains you encounter in this month would not be permanent. Hence you need to be very careful on how to use this month to settle down on your life and protect your assets.



Even though Mars is on your Kalathra Sthanam, it would not be able to create any problems on your health since other major planets are in excellent position for you! Both your body and mind will get filled with lot of positive energies. Your sound health will make you enjoy all the luxuries in this life.


You will be more active and energetic. You will start showing up interest on exercise and outdoor physical activities. Your cholesterol and sugar levels will come down to normal. Even if you have to go through surgeries, it can be cured with simple medication. Check with your doctor for second opinion.


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May 2015 Monthly Rasi Palan Astrology Horoscope For Viruchiga Rasi Scorpio Moon Sign by KT Astrologer



Family, Love and relationship 

You will continue to see great happiness on your family environment. All your litigation with your family members will come to an end. You will be getting ready to take new relationship in such cases. If you were separated from your spouse, you will be able to join in this month for sure. Married couples will enjoy conjugal bliss and it is a great time for planning baby.


Lovers will also find good time on romance. If you are eligible single, you will find your match in this match. Your time is looking very good to get married also. Many subha karyas happening this month will give you great happiness. You will be able to regain your name and fame in your family and social environment.



Students will continue to outperform well on their studies as the month progress. Your sound health will give you enough strength to concentrate more on your studies. You will also get placed into great schools and colleges in the coming weeks.


Work / Career and Business 

This month is also looking excellent on your career. If you are unemployed or want to change your job, this month will give you excellent opportunities. Your hidden enemies will disappear and your top managers will start supporting you. Your work pressure and tension will keep going down. It is a very good time to ask for promotion. There is no surprise if you have got an offer with stock options and signing bonus.


However note that all your fortunes are short-lived. Since when Jupiter moves onto next house by Mid-July, you will be placed under severe testing period. So plan to choose the right option for you at your work place. If you are working in foreign land, you need to first preference to your visa and immigration compared to salary and position.


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God Bless You!


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