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2013 New Year Horoscope


Kataga Rasi (Cancer) - 2013 New Year Horoscope (Puthandu Palangal)

This year begins for you with Guru in Labha Sthanam and Saturn in Ardhastamam. Rahu is placed on your 4th house and Ketu on your 10th house. No major planets except Jupiter supporting your growth until May 2013. But the rest of the year would be a big testing period for you. You will have inflow of money because of Jupiter. But Saturn is terrible position to stop your growth completely.



Jan 1, 2013 To May 30, 2013 - Inflow of money but all around problems


Your health will get affected a lot becasue of Saturn aspecting your moon sign. The intensity will keep going up and Jupiter will try to minimize the effect during this period. You will have problems in stomach, legs. You may also develop insomina - sleeping disorder due to excessive stress. Take medical help whenever necessary. Any warning signs should not be ignored. Take medical insurance with complete coverage for this year.


Your relationship with your spouse will improve a lot and you will be very happy about it. Your family environment would be very much supportive during this period. If you are single, you may get married but check your natal chart before making such decision. If you can wait, it is worth waiting until you pass ardhastama sani.


Your will have hectic problems at your work environment. With Jupiter strength, you can keep up your Jo. You may not expect a promotion or bonus during this time. You will develop problems with your co-workers and managers. You may come to a situation to quit your Job on your own. But try to adjust the environment since it would not be easy for you to get another Job during this time.


If you expecting immigrating benefits, it will get delayed. If you have to travel abroad, try to do it before May 2013 since at least you will have Jupiter support.


Students need to concentrate more otherwise they may have retake the exams. The problems comes in the form mental stress and that will put in to depression during this time.


Expenses will be more during this period eventhough you are making high salary. It is not a good time to make any new investments.



May 31, 2013 - Dec 31, 2013 - Problems in every aspect of your life


Jupiter moving on to your virya Sthanam will make your life miserable. With other planets placements, you would be completely placed under a severe testing period during this time.


Health will start suffering a lot. Mental suffering might often put you into depression. You must do meditation and prayers to keep your mind stable. The relationship with your spouse will create problems and you will develop misunderstanding.


You may not be able to perform your duties correctly but mangers will do micro management towards you. Work environment will keep getting worse during this time. There are very good chances that you may lose your Job at this time.


Unexpcted expenses will drain out all your money and you have to start borrowing money to meet your financial needs. Any money you put into stock market does not know another direction except south pole.


Immigration benefits will definitely get delayed. In worst cases, you may even asked to go back to your home country, if you are working in abroad.


It is strongly advised that you would take medical insurance with full coverage this year. Your physical body keep losing energy with Ardhastama Sani.


Financially it would be a challenging time and traders will experience their worst part of life during this phase. Business people will find very hard time to manage the expenses. Even if they can stay neutal, that would be a great achievement during this period with the given planetry combinations.


Overall you have safeguard your finance and investment as much as you can before May 2013. You will be in a severe testing period for the rest of the year. Stay courage to face the problems.


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