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2013 New Year Horoscope


Makara Rasi (Capricorn) - 2013 New Year Horoscope (Puthandu Palangal)

This year begins for you with Sani on your 10th house and Guru in poorva punya sthanam. Rahu is also placed on your 10th house and Ketu is on your 4th house. Overall the entire combination indicates that you will make significant progress in until May 30, 2012. A severe testing period is indicated after Guru Peyrachi, especially at your workplace and on your investments.



Jan 1, 2013 To May 30, 2013 - Happiness in everything but work environment


Your would generally be doing good but your mental stress would be more at least until Feb 1, 2013. Make sure your mental stress would not affect your health by keep doing exercise and try to have good sleep.


The relationship with your spouse would be very smooth. Any problems in the past would get resolved and the couple would have a good time. If you are single, you will find a suitable match during this time. If eligible, you will also get blessed with a baby. All subha karyas will happen as per planned,


Since Saturn and Rahu are in 10th house, you will see problems at your workplace. This effect can not be notificed and impact would be very less until next Guru Peyarchi. If you have already changed your Job, then it would be fine. If you want to change your Job during this year, better avoid it because of Saturn and Rahu placement on your karma sthanam. You can only change your Job after June 2014.


If you expecting immigrating benefits, you will get it easily. Try to take advantage of the time period that is before May 2013. Students would be very much successful on their studies and will score excellent marks on their examination.


You can start investing in real estate properties or buy a new home or car. But try to be aggressive on this perspective since you have favorable time only for the next 5 months. But it is better to avoid speculative trading since saturn is not rafavorable.


Expenses will get complete control more and you would continue to save money until May 30, 2013.



May 31, 2013 - Dec 31, 2013 - Severe Testing Period


Guru tranisting onto your runa rogha sathru sthanam is not a good news for you.


You would start to have health problems coming up. It is better to take a good medical insurance in the begining of this year. Your health would start suffering from unkown diseases in some extreme cases. Maintain a good diet and exercise is mandatory during this period.


You will develop relationship conflicts with your spouse. Better to avoid having your arguments with your spouse and close family members.


The problems at your workplace would go to an extreme case since all major planets starts affecting your career place now. You can not trust anyone at your workplace. People would play lots of politics against you. Your hard earned credits at your workplace would be given to someone else with out your knowledge. You will not get the bonus or any other award if you are expecting. Keep your expectation very low on the financial side.


You would keep losing money every month during this period since expenses would be much more than your income. Your savings from the last guru peyarchi will get drained out completely during this period. In worst cases, you may also have to borrow money to meet the expenses.


Traders will see thier worst part of the time during this period. Any trading you do only one direction that is south. It is better to stay away from trading completely by closing all your brokerage accounts. You can open a new account next year when your time will pick up.


You will be happy until May 30, 2013. Be brave enough to face the testing period from June 2013 onwards to the end of this year.


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