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2013 New Year Horoscope


Vrichiga Rasi (Scorpio) - 2013 New Year Horoscope (Puthandu Palangal)

This year begins for you with the first phase of Sade Sani and very much favorable Jupiter aspect. Rahu is placed on your 12th house and Ketu is on your 6th house. Overall the entire combination indicates that you will be very happy until the next Guru Peyarchi on May 30, 2013. Once Jupiter moves onto Asthama Sthanam, you will have severe testing period from June 2013 to the end of this year.



Jan 1, 2013 To May 30, 2013 - Very good time, huge income but no speculation


You would regain your sound health and you will generally be healthy during this time. But your mind will get disturbed since Saturn is in Viraya Sthanam.


Any conflicts with spouse will get easily resolved during this time. Your family and siblings will be very much supportive during this period. If you are single, you will find a suitable match during this time. If eligible, you will get blessed with a baby. Many subha karyas will keep happening at your home and you will generally be happy during this period. The positive effects will be much more once Jupiter turns direct from Feb 1st week onwards.


There is no question for unemployment for you right now. You would have got a very good Job and would have settled down in your new role when this new year begins. You will complete the Job very quickly and get good name at the workplace. Work environment would also be very much supportive for you.


If you expecting immigrating benefits, it will happen immediately. Try to apply for visa or extention of benefits before end of March 2013.


Students would be very much successful on their studies and will score excellent marks on their examination.


You can start investing in real estate properties or buy a new home or car. However you must avoid speculation since Saturn is not in favorable spot.


Expenses will get complete control and you will start saving significant amount of money. Use this time to protect your investments since you have to go through a severe testing period from May 31, 2013.



May 31, 2013 - Dec 31, 2013 - Severe Testing Period


Your health would start suffering from this point and you may have to do medical check up. Maintain good diet and exercise. Mental stree would keep increasing for you more and more during this period. Your medical bills keep going up and so do take medical insurance.


You will start developing problems with your spouse, if married. Be careful in any close relationship! If you are in love with someone, chances of separation is indicated on the cards. So try to avoid any kind of arguments. If single, it is one of the worst time to look for a match. Any subha karya planned have to postponed for one reason or another.


Problems at your workplace will keep going up. You may not be able to complete the work in time even though you are putting extra hours. Your bonus will come down and you may develop cold war with collegues and managers.


Financially it would be another testing period. The money you saved during last guru peyarchi have to be spent during this time for travel, medical expenses or any other useless expenses.


It is one of the worst time for traders. You must avoid any kind of stock market investments and speculative trading. Business people will see thier multi-year low on their turn over. Any business expansion should be postponed to a later date. You have to take move cost cutting measures.


Overall the first half of this year until May 2013 is going to be a excellent and then followed by a severe testing period.


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