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2014 New Year Horoscope


Dhanushu Rasi (Sagittarius) - 2014 New Year Horoscope - Page 2 / 2


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Jan 01, 2014 to Mar 05, 2014 Happiness, Excellent financial position (80 /100)

This is the time Jupiter is backward motion in Midhuna Rasi along with Saturn and Rahu in Labha Sthanam. These aspects would give you sound health. You will always feel energetic. Your family environment would be very much supportive. It is a good time to look for a match, if you are single. You may get it engaged and married during this time. Eligible couples will get blessed with a baby. You will see excellent results in finance and career also. It is a very good time for you buy a new home and invest in real estate. You may travel abroad during this period.


Mar 05, 2014 to Jun 18, 2014 Happy Family Environment and Excellent Wealth (95 / 100)

This is the time Jupiter will be in direct motion but Saturn will be in retrograde. These aspects would give you excellent health, finance, career and family happiness. You will have very good relationship with your spouse and other close family members.


Excellent time to get married, if you are single. If eligible, you will get blessed with a baby. You are non-stoppable on your growth during this period. Promotions and Career success are highly indicated on the cards. Finance condition would be excellent. You will have surplus money so that you can go ahead and invest in real estate.


Enjoy the best part of your life. One person will get blessed with such a good period once in 6 - 10 years for a couple of months. By end of May, you need to start coming out of Stock Market and any other investments. Since the upcoming transits of Jupiter, Rahu and Saturn in the second half of this year are going against you!


Jun 18, 2014 to Nov 02, 2014 Painful Emotional Stress and Hectic Work Environment (50 / 100)

Now Jupiter will be on your Asthama Sthanam, which is really a very bad news for you! Your health would get affected somewhat. Besides your family problems and arguments with spouse will show up. If you are not careful, it may even end up in creating temporary separation with your spouse. It is hard for you to accept this change since you have enjoyed so much in the recent past. If you are in love affairs, you may expect to have painful incidents including break ups.


You will start having more work and tensed environment. You may not be able to complete your duties or project work in time. You may be asked to do the work which are you are not at all interested. Your manager would be very happy in doing micro-management on you! The possibility of losing your Job also can not be ruled out during this period.


If you are living abroad, you may experience problems related to immigration. You must avoid any kind of investments from this point since it is going to be a testing period. Your savings will drain out very fast with unexpected expenses. You stock market and 401K / retirement investments will find a clear direction of south. It is a time for you to come out your speculative investments by closing down your positions. As a thumb rule in astrology, when your time is not good, if you close down your position, the stock price will increase. If you keep it, then it will go down. The choice is up to you!

Nov 02, 2014 to Dec 31, 2014 Severe Testing Period with start of Sade Sani (10 / 100)

It is hard for you to accept that your golden period is over. Now you are officially entering into severe testing period of Sade Sani. it will continue for the next 7 and 1/2 years. Your health condition will get affected adversely during this period. You may expect to see all around problems! Nothing would go in your favor and it is the time you will realize the importance of good time.


Your relationship with your spouse will have a severe setback and will start having many conflicts/ arguments. If you are in love affairs, chances are there, it may break or have serious issues that are difficult to solve.


You work situation will continue to get worse. Your boss would not be happy with your work. You can not meet any promised deadlines on the project.


Finance situation would be very tight. Sometime you may have to borrow money to meet regular expenses. Besides wealth destruction is indicated on the cards. Be careful on everything you do! Your immigration benefits would be delayed for no reasons.


Warnings / Pariharam


1. No pariharam is necessary until June 2014.

2. Avoid taking Non-Veg food on Saturdays and Thursdays from July 2014.

3. Visit temples on each and every Thursdays and Saturdays.

4. Do charity as much as you can.

5. Meditation and Prayers as much as possible,



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