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2015 New Year Horoscope


Simha Rasi (Leo) - 2015 New Year Horoscope

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You will be under the influence of Ardhastama Sani for entire this year. Sani Bhagawan on your 4th house can create problems on your health, family, finance and career. Jupiter is on your Viraya Sthanam from start of this year but will move onto you Janma Sthanam by Mid July 2015. Once Jupiter moves forward, things will go out of your control. You may expect to see all around problems from July 14, 2015 to rest of this year. Both Rahu and Ketu are also not in good position for you. Overall 2015 is not going to be a good year for you. Expect the unexpected and be brave enough to face the challenges especially in the second half of this year.


Jan 01, 2015 to Mar 18, 2015 Problems in Health, Career and Finance (25 / 100)

With the start of new year, Mars is also not in good position. The array of malefic planets Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Rahu and Ketu will make your life miserable. Your health will get affected adversely and you will develop weak immune system. You are prone to catch any diseases very fast. Make sure you have taken enough medical insurance coverage for you and your family. You may expect to have problems on bones, arthritis, gallbladder and eyes. Make sure your mind is not getting affected with depression. Avoid late night travelling and avoid eating food outside as much as you can.


There would not be any issues with your spouse. You will continue to have good relationship with your spouse and close family members. But your health would create a concern for them. It is not a great time for getting engaged and married since it denotes a severe testing period. You can go with marriage only if you are getting old enough and your natal chart supports running favorable mahadasa. Lovers will not have any major problems on their relationship but finance problems would be an issue and can affect your romance.


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2015 New Year Astrology Horoscope For Simha Rasi Leo Moon Sign by KT Astrologer



Students will have to take care of their health very well. Besides make sure your family situation and finance problems are not affecting your studies. Having good friends would be a great support for you.


This period is not looking good for your career. You may expect to have problems at your workplace. You will have to stay long hours and even then you would not be able to complete the task. Avoid changing your job if you can since known hell is better than unknown hell. Your boss would not be happy with your performance. Unwanted changes at your workplace is most likely. Office poliics will get severe and you would not know who is playing against you besides you will not get support from anyone at your workplace. Business people will not see any growth perhaps they will have hard time in managing the business and meeting the financial needs. Bank loans will not get approved during this time. If you need money, then you have to borrow at higher APR through private lenders.


Your finance situation is also not looking good especially with respect to your investments. Saturn will produce adverse results if you enter into stock market. Your expenses will skyrocket and your savings will drain out very fast. This is time for you to stick to conservative investments. Do not co-sign any loans for your friends or relatives. Avoid buying home and any other real estate deals since it will create more problems for you.


People who are into politics, arts, movies industry and other celebrities will see worst results in this time period. Only your natal chart can protect you from the obstacles.


Mar 18, 2015 to July 14, 2015 Some Recovery, Expenses will continue (50/ 100)

Saturn is losing energy on your 4th house indicating that you will see some recovery from the problems you faced in the recent past. Your health will recover somewhat with medication. If you can do exercise and have good diet, you can regain your sound health back. Avoid eating food outside and avoid late night travelling. Concentrate on prayers and meditation to gain more strength on your mind as well as body.


The relationship with your spouse is looking very good in this period. Your spouse and close family is the only support you can get in this time. Again, it is ok to get married if you are old enough and have natal chart support. Otherwise avoid getting married during this time. This is because you will have to face finance problems and that can affect your family life. I do not see any other relationship issues at least until July 14, 2015. Lovers will see only mixed results and can support each other since problems occurs from outside environment. It is not a great time for planning baby. But there will not be any issues in delivering baby in this time.


Students can see some recovery on their health very well. You will be able to do well on your exams but work hard success will not come easily when you have unfavorable Saturn placement.


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