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2015 New Year Horoscope


Thula Rasi (Libra) - 2015 New Year Horoscope

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This year starts for you with Sani Bhagawan on your 2nd house and Guru Bhagawan on your 10th house. This combination is not good since it is capable for creating problems mainly on your career and finance. However you would find great relief since you came out of Janma Sani. So the transition from worst phase to bad phase is a good news. This situation would continue to July 2015. Once you reach July 14, 2015, Guru Bhagawan will enter onto your labha sthanam and you will feel great positive things in your life. Overall the first half of this year looks a recovery period and the second half looks very good.


Jan 01, 2015 to Mar 18, 2015 Very Good Recovery (40 / 100)

Start of this new year, you will be under recovery mode. You have recently graduated from Janma Sani. So the worst part is over but the best part will not start immediately. It might take couple of months and until then you would be recovery mode. Besides the speed of recovery depends on your natal chart.


With the absense of Janma Sani, your mental stress would go down a lot in this time period. Even though the problems remains without any solutions, there will not be any more damage. Hence you will find yourself to get relived from the stress stress. Even Mars is also supporting in this phase, you will regain your sound health back. You will be interested in doing exercise and outdoor sports activites. You might even start doing yoga and meditation in this time period. Overall you will keep gaining positive energies to regain your sound health.


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2015 New Year Astrology Horoscope For Thula Rasi Libra Moon Sign by KT Astrologer



The problems with your spouse will continue without any solution. There is no major planets creating problems. But at the same time, none of planets are in good position to solve the problems. The lingering effects of your family problems will continue in this phase. If you were separated from your family, then it might be little early to start the discuss on reunion.

Patience and tolerance are permanent solution to this problems and that can lead to happy married life again. Lovers will also see mixed results and they would not find great time on their romance. If you are single, it is better you can avoid looking for a match. It is ok to plan for a baby provided either of you have some strength on natal chart or receiving benefic jupiter aspect.


Students will do much better than earlier level. But still it may not be upto the satisfactory level. You are almost there, keep putting efforts and you will succeed in the coming months with good credits.


If you are unemployed, you may get a Job which you do not like with less pay. But that's what your time supports currently. You need to accept that and move on your life to bring your financial problems under your control. Your work pressure and tension will continue. You may have to put lot of efforts to stay in the job. Promotions are very much unlikely during this period. The worst part for business people is over. But still you will face severe competition and will not have any luck in getting the new deals. Since you have crossed Janma Sani, you would be able to run the business with struggle.


Still it is going to be a challenging time on your finance. You would have to take additional debts to meet daily expenses. It is not good time for new investments. Any real estate deals you will do, can yield only losses. But if you have too much of debts, you can consider liquidating your fixed assets to pay off the debts. Do not co-sign any loans for your friends or relatives. Avoid stock market trading completely since it can create more losses and make your situation much worse.


People who are into politics, arts, movies industry and other celebrities will have hard time in getting opportunities. The opportunities you get may not be upto your satisfactory level. But you will feel that something is better than nothing.


Mar 18, 2015 to Jul 14, 2015 Moderate Growth (55 / 100)

Since Saturn will start supporting your growth, you will find a great relief. But still it is not time to enjoy the happiness in your life. This period is looking much better than the earlier period.


You will come out of ill health and addition to alcoholic beverage. You would be able to regain your sound health during this time. You will also get a sound sleep which you had been missing for many years. Your cholesterol and sugar level would have come down to normal because of your diet and exercise. Still stay away from outside food as much as you can. Also avoid late night long distance travelling during this period.


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