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2015 New Year Horoscope


Dhanushu Rasi (Sagittarius) - 2015 New Year Horoscope

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You are under the first phase of Sade Sani for entire this year. Sade Sani is a duration for 7 and 1/2 years. No other planets except Jupiter can withstand the force of Saturn. But Jupiter is also in Asthama Sthanam while this year begins. Since all major planets moved against you, this new year welcomes you with severe testing period all aspects of your life. But once Jupiter moves forward to your Bhakya sthanam by July 14, 2015, you will get very big relief from the malefic effects of Sade Sani. This year looks very much challenging for you. Expect the unexpected worst things until July 2015.


Jan 01, 2015 to Mar 18, 2015 Mental Stress and Emotional Pain (30 / 100)

Mars and Venus are looking good in the start of new year. Besides Jupiter is in retrograde motion. Even though major planets are against you, you will get some support from fast moving planets.


Your health will get affected in this period. Any warning signals should not be ignored. You will start showing up interest on doing exercise and outdoor activities. Avoid getting addicted to drinks, smoking, drugs or gambling. Watch out your friend circle. It is better to take enough medical insurance coverage for your entire family. Health of your parents also needs close attention in this period.


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2015 New Year Astrology Horoscope For Dhanushu Rasi Sagittarius Moon Sign by KT Astrologer



You will continue to have problems with your spouse but at very low intensity. You will not see any new problems. But existing problems will be bit difficult to solve it. You need to develop lots of patience and tolerance to lead good married life. If you are single, it is better to stay single eventhough you get some alliance proposal. Lovers will see bad results including the chances of broken relationship and engagements.


Students will need to concentrate more on their studies. Make sure your family and / or finance problems are not affecting your studies. Stay away from the people in opposite sex.


If you are unemployed, it is difficult to get a Job. You may get a job with very less pay and well below your expectations. Employed people will see adverse results on your career. Office politics will continue to stay and you will develop many hidden enemies in this period. You would not able to complete the assigned task in this time period. Work pressure and tension will be more and credits will be very less. Demotions are highly indicated on the cards. Business people will see sudden debacle. You have to check your natal chart for doing business. If it does not look good, it is better to close your business to avoid further losses.


You will continue to see problems on your finance. Let it be any investments you do, it will keep moving south. Stay away from stock market trading completely. It is not a good time to invest in real estate. If you have too much of debts, then it is ok to liquidate your fixed assets to pay off the loans. But you will not find any great deals. You have to take decisions only if you do not have any other choice. Do not co-sign any loans for your friends or relatives.


People who are into politics, arts, movies industry and other celebrities will have worst time. Chances of losing name and fame is also indicated. Be careful on your relationship issues since it is capable of affecting your fame in the society.


Mar 18, 2015 to July 14, 2015 Worst Results (15 / 100)

Jupiter on your Asthama Sthanam is getting more powerful and Jupiter will start giving bitter pills continuously. Since no major planets are in your favor, this is going to be a very severe testing period for you.


Both your body and mind will get affected adversely during this time period. Health of your family members is also a big concern. You might be mentally depressed and have to take blame affecting your image in your social circle. This is the time period you have to be very careful since you will tend to get addicted to drinks, smoking, gambling or drugs. You need to learn on how to manage your mental stress and lead your life with enough confidence. Take enough medical insurance coverage to protect you from financial losses due to medical expenses.


The problems with your spouse will shoot up. This period is looking much worse since it is capable of creating temporary to permanent separation. Newly married couples without any kids need to be extra careful since this time period indicates some possibility of divorce also. Keep enough patience and tolerance until July 2015. Then you would be fine and do well with respect to your relationship issues. Lovers will have hectic time and may have emotional problems with love failures. Broken engagements is a common outcome with this planets combination. So if you are single, better to be single in this time period. It is a worst time to plan for the baby.


Students will have hectic time. You may lose your interest on studies and catch up bad habits. Keep an eye on your friend circle since they will misguide you.


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