Rahu and Ketu Peyarchi Palangal For Dhanushu Rasi (Sagittarius) - June 08, 2011 to Dec 25, 2012

Currently Rahu is moving onto your 12th house Viruchiga Rasi and Ketu onto your 6th house of Rishaba Rasi. These combination would offer you a mixed bag of results, more good and less bad.


Rahu will be transiting in the star of Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter and Ketu will be transiting in the star of Mars, Moon and Sun. The dates are given below as per KP panchangam.


Transit of Rahu in Star of Mercury: Jun 08, 2011 - Feb 14, 2012

Transit of Rahu in Star of Saturn: Feb 14, 2012 - Oct 23, 2012

Transit of Rahu in Star of Jupiter: Oct 23, 2012 - Dec 25, 2012


Transit of Ketu in Star of Mars: Jun 08, 2011 - Oct 11, 2011

Transit of Ketu in Star of Moon: Oct 11, 2011 - Jun 20, 2012

Transit of Ketu in Star of Sun: Jun 20, 2012 - Dec 25, 2012


Physical and Mental Ailments


Even though Rahu in 12th house will create physical and mental ailments, it is better position compared to Rahu in Janma Sthanam. Besides Ketu and other major planets Jupiter and Saturn will be supportive most of the time. So you do not need to worry much until May 2012. Your mind will be restless when Rahu is in 12th house. It can create problems with people from opposite sex. Work pressure will be more than usual and you will develop sleeping disorders during this time.


Still you would be lucky since you are receving Jupiter aspect from 5th house and Saturn aspect from 11th house most of the time during this rahu transit.


Great Success and Good Name in Society


Ketu in your 6th house will give you great success and very good name in society. You will acquire significant amount of wealth during this time. You will get a very good Job and all of your efforts will be successful. You will have oppotunity to win award in your chosen field. Students will outperform on their studies. Since Jupiter and Saturn would be very much supportive from Nov 2011 to May 2011, you will see all around happiness.


Overall this Rahu and Ketu Peyarchi is going to very good until May 2012. You have to be careful from May 2012 to Dec 2012.


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