Rahu and Ketu Peyarchi Palangal For Rishaba Rasi (Taurus) - June 08, 2011 to Dec 25, 2012

Currently Rahu is moving onto your 7th house Viruchiga Rasi and Ketu onto your 1nd house of Rishaba Rasi. Both Rahu and Ketu placement is not good for you and you are going to have difficulties in this period.


Rahu will be transiting in the star of Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter and Ketu will be transiting in the star of Mars, Moon and Sun. The dates are given below as per KP panchangam.


Transit of Rahu in Star of Mercury: Jun 08, 2011 - Feb 14, 2012

Transit of Rahu in Star of Saturn: Feb 14, 2012 - Oct 23, 2012

Transit of Rahu in Star of Jupiter: Oct 23, 2012 - Dec 25, 2012


Transit of Ketu in Star of Mars: Jun 08, 2011 - Oct 11, 2011

Transit of Ketu in Star of Moon: Oct 11, 2011 - Jun 20, 2012

Transit of Ketu in Star of Sun: Jun 20, 2012 - Dec 25, 2012


Problems in health, lose of name and fame

During the time period Jun 08, 2011 to Feb 14, 2012, you will have more arguments with your spouse. You will lose your hard earned name and fame during this period. Stay away from opposite sex since it would cause more problems for you.


Traders and business people to be prepared to book a lose on their investments. Besides you will have to go through physical ailments since Rahu was in your 7th house and affecting your rasi. It is a good idea to take medical insurance for you! From Feb 15, 2012, you will have problems with your career and immigration. Work pressure would be more than usual. Guru peyarchi due by May 2012, would give you big relief.


Loss of money and mental disorders

Ketu is your janma sthanam, you will have losses in your investments. Besides expenses will be more compared to income. Mental disorders are also likely. Avoid arguments with your spouse. Saturn is in a good position to protect you most of the time during this Rahu and Ketu peyarchi.


Overall this Rahu and Ketu Peyarchi is not going to be good.


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