Rahu and Ketu Transit Horoscope For Kumba Rasi (Aquarius) - Jul 14, 2014 to Jan 31, 2016

Written by KT Astrologer

Currently Rahu is moving onto your 8th house of Kanni Rasi and Ketu onto your 2nd house of Meena Rasi. Both Rahu and Keru are in problematic position for you. To make things worse Jupiter is also not in good position. It is unfortunate news for you that the intensity of the problems will keep moving up for entire period for this transit. You need to prorect your health, finance and relationship very well by understanding that this is not the time for growth and it is time to stay at current level. However you will see significant recovery and great success from July 2015 to Jan 2016. Overall the second half of this transit period is looking excellent.


Jul 14, 2014 - Nov 17, 2014 Problems in Health and Finance (25 / 100)

This is the time Rahu is transiting in the star of Chithirai and Ketu is in the star of Revathi. You need to very careful during this period since whatever you do will go wrong. Your health will get adversely affected and you will increase your enemies during this period. Your family environment will not be supportive. If you are single, it is better you can wait for about 10 months. Married couples will have serious conflicts and temporary separation is also indicated on the cards. Lovers will easily break up in no time. Overall you will get depressed with your family problems and going through lot of emotional pain.


The next major aspect you need to worry about is your career and finance. You will not be able to move up in career however job loss is unlikely during this period. But you will have to deal with the office politics. Unfortunately no one will be able to support you at your workplace. Your hard earned money will go drain out fast. You need to avoid stock market investments since it can yield only huge losses.



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Nov 17, 2014 - Jul 26, 2015 Severe Testing Period (15 / 100)

This is the time Rahu is transiting in the star of Hastham and Ketu is in the star of Revathi and Uthirattadhi. You will see that things are currently looking bad. Now you will go one step further things will much worse. It will go beyond your control since all major planets are going against you during this period.


You will notice that let it anything you do will see only failure. Your health will adversely affected during this period. You will also develop weak immune systems so that can help grab diseases more quickly. You will have to take the blame for others and at no fault of yours in your family. Lovers can easily break up their relationship. If you are single it is going to a worst period for you. You will have severe conflicts and fights with your spouse. You need to keep your expectations very low with respect to close relationship.


Your work environment will become very hectic and you do not know how to survive in your office politics. You do not even know who is playing against you and there is no surprise if you lose your Job during this period. Try to stick with current Job until otherwise you are forced to look for other option. It is going to be very challenging time on your finance also. You need to avoid any speculative investments and other long term investments into real estate or buying a home.



Jul 26, 2015 - Jan 31, 2016 Significant Recovery (60 / 100)

This is the time Rahu is transiting in the star of Uthiram and Ketu is in the star of Uthirattadhi and Pooratadhi. You will see great recovery since Jupiter will be on your 7th house during this time. Your will regain your sound health back. If you were separated from your spouse, it is a good time to join and lead life together. If you are single, it is the perfect time to look for a match. Lovers will find excellent time on their romance. Married couples will enjoy conjugal bliss and will get blessed with a baby.


If you have lost your Job, you will get a good Job. However it might be difficult to find a ideal opportunity since Saturn and Rahu can limit your growth. You have to keep your expectation on your Job little lower since your time is supporting to get a good Job but may not be the excellent one. You will start paying off your debts and you will make excellent progress on your finance. It is a good time to buy a new home or invest in real estate. However it does require your natal chart support since Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are not favorable.


Overall the second half of Rahu and Ketu Transit is looking much better.

Warnings / Pariharam

1. Avoid taking Non-Veg food on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

2. Visit Rahu Sthalam Kalahasthi near Tirupati in AP state.

3. Visit Naganathaswamy Temple in Keelaperumpallam in Nagapattinam district in Tamilnadu.
4. Visit Kuchanur in Theni District and / or Thirunallaru.
5. Visit temples on each and every Tuesdays and Saturdays.
6. Do charity as much as you can.


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