Rahu / Ketu Transit Horoscope For Dhanushu Rashi (Sagittarius) (Jan 31, 2016 to Aug 20, 2017) - Rahu / Ketu Peyarchi Palangal by KT Astrologer

Rahu Ketu Transit Horoscope Jan 2016 to Aug 2017 written by KT Astrologer

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Rahu / Ketu Transit Horoscope July 2015 to Aug 2016 For Dhanushu Rasi Sagittarius Moon Sign written by KT Astrologer

Sagittarius (Dhanushu)


Rahu will be moving from your 10th house to 9th house and Ketu will be moving from 4th house to 3rd house. The transit of Ketu is looking excellent and can you provide you good support to cross the first phase of Sade Sani. But the transit of Rahu is looking bad and can affect your fortunes a lot. Jupiter will be on your 9th house until July 2016, would be considered as best part of the current Rahu / Ketu transit. The rest of the period does not look so great since you will be under the influence of Sade Sani.


Jan 31, 2016 to Apr 03, 2016 Moderate Growth (50 / 100)

Rahu will be transiting in Uthiram (Uttara Phalguni) star and Ketu will be transiting in Pooratadhi (Purva Bhadrapada) star during this period. Mars and Saturn are making malefic conjunction on your 12th house, you will have go through disappointment on your life. But benefic Jupiter is getting stronger as the time progress, while malefic Saturn is going weak, your problems will be short lived.


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2016 to 2017 Rahu Ketu Transit Peyarchi - Sagittarius Moon Sign (Dhanushu Rasi) by KT Astrologer


Last couple of months would have been good for your health. You will continue to have sound health now. You will be more active in sports and doing exercise. Your cholesterol and sugar level will be normal. Your body will get enough strength to fight against any diseases. There will some setback for couple of weeks in the month of March, but that would be minor. You will develop close relationship with your spouse. It is a good time to plan for baby. Singles will find their ideal match and lovers will have good time on romance.


I do not see any problems on your career now. Saturn on your 12th house can increase your work pressure and tension for couple of days, but it is unlikely to affect your career growth. It is a good time ask for salary and promotions. If you have to stay in current company as per your fate, then you will get it. Even if you do not get it, you can start looking for good opportunities from April 2016 onwards. In either case, I could see you will move up on your career with good salary and position. Business people will experience very good results. Your ideas will materialize now and you will start getting enough funding for your projects proposals.


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