Sani Peyarchi Palangal For Mesha Rashi (Aries) - (Nov 02, 2014 to Oct 25, 2017) - Saturn Transit Horoscope

Saturn Transit Horoscope Nov 2014 to Oct 2017 written by KT Astrologer

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Saturn Transit Horoscope Nov 2014 to Oct 2017 For Mesha Rasi Aries Moon Sign written by KT Astrologer

Aries (Mesha)


Sani Bhagawan is moving your from 7th house to 8th house. You are coming out of Kandaka Sani but entering onto thr worst part of Asthama Sani. Right now things are bad but going forward it will become worst and terrible. You may expect to have problems in each and every aspect of your life. The intensity of the problems will be extreme from Dec 2014 and July 2015. You will have good relief when Jupiter is moving onto your Poorva Punya Sthanam by July 2015. Overall you cannot expect any good results from Saturn, but other transiting planets can help you. Avoid doing any kind of investments for the next 3 years, eventhough Jupiter is in your favorable spot for one year. You need to take my horoscope to make sure you are prepared for the worst and hope for the best. Otherwise you do not need to continue reading my horoscope from this point.


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Mesha Rasi (Aries) Sani Peyarchi Palangal (Saturn Transit Horoscope) Nov 2014 to Oct 2017




Because of Kandaga Sani, you would have lost energy on your physical body in the last over two years. But with current Asthama Sani, you will have to take hectic mental tension and pressure. This can affect your health a lot. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, since you will easily get addicted with the current transit of saturn. This is the time people will addicted to speculative games such as options trading, lottery, playing in casino games, etc. You will do many of these activities, to get some relief. But unfortunately these things will make your life miserable. Stay focussed on prayers and meditation. The only good thing with this aspect is, people will start getting faith on our traditional values such as strong belief in god, astrology and the value of timing.


Family, Love and relationship 

If Shani Bhagawan entering onto 8th house, the sages will also get fear. Then no need to explain about the common people in the society. You may expect to have severe conflicts and fights with your spouse. Your family problems will get much worse. You need to have enough tolerance to adjust your spouse. You will have go through many painful incidents with respect to your close family members. The only hope is the next Jupiter transit on your 5th house can save your life by putting things back to normal.


If you have love affairs, then it is the one of worst period in your life. Since you will become very possessive towards your mate but your mate will start moving with others easily. There is no surprise if you get into any broken relationship while Saturn in on your 8th house. You can not expect any romance but you will get into too much of emotions. If you are not careful, it can lead to mental depression and mental disorders. Have your parents as very good support. If not possible, have at least one or two (not more than that) friends to pass this hard time.


If single and you are young, it is better to stay single. Saturn simply does not like you find a good match during this time. If you need to get married, then the time period between Aug 2015 and May 2016 is looking good. This also requires your natal chart support.


Foreign Travel and Immigration

It is unlikely to make good progress on your immigration prospects. If you are expecting any foreign travel, it might happen only when you have Guru bhagawan on your 5th house. You will get stuck with the same level on your immigration during this saturn transit. For some people, may need to travel back to home country because of losing visa status.


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God Bless You!


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