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General Written Predictions
Type Description Actual Cost
Written Predictions (PDF) For One Chart Natal Chart Analysis and answers to your 4 questions. $ 200 or Rs.16,000
Written Predictions (PDF) For Couples / Relationship Natal Chart Analysis and answers to your 6 questions. $ 350 or Rs.28,000
Written Predictions (PDF) for the people in the field of Media, Movies, Arts, Music or Sports Natal Chart Analysis and answers to your 6 questions. $ 350 or Rs.28,000
follow-up - Email Consultation 4 question by email $ 150 or Rs.12,000
General Phone / In-Person Consultations For Personal Chart
Type Description Actual Cost
30 minutes - Regular or follow-up - Phone Consultations Only Natal Chart, No written predictions $ 300
60 minutes - Regular or follow-up - Phone Consultations Only Natal Chart, No written predictions $ 600
60 minutes In Person Consultations Only Natal Chart, No written predictions $ 750
Special Requests
Type Description Actual Cost
30 minutes - Phone Consultations For Business / Partnership, M&A, Product Launch, Vaastu, Logo Colors, etc $ 500
Personalized Trading / Business Support For One Month Stock/Options Trading / Business Strategies (email me for more details) Between $ 1000 - $ 6000
One Day Hire At Your Place (~6 hours) In Person Consultation for many charts for your business, family and friends. Email me for more details.
Horscope / Kundali Matching For Marriage
Type Description Actual Cost
Match Analysis for One Profile All aspects will be checked $200
Horoscope Matching Package (eBook or Print Book ) Matching for 3 Profiles + eBook or Print Book $500
Payment Options

Click here for Payment Options and then forward the receipt and your questions to ktastrologer@gmail.com. KT Astrologer will look into your chart only after you made the payment.

Information Required for Horoscope Predictions
  • Email your question to ktastrologer@gmail.com, along with the following details:
    • Your name
    • Your gender
    • Your date of birth - (Use English Month Name) Ex: Feb 18, 1981 OR 26/June/1978
    • Your time of birth
    • Your place of birth - City, State and Country
    • Your current location
    • Your detailed questions
    • If Married, let us know your marriage date and spouse birth details to get more accurate horoscope prediction.
  • You will get acknowledgement for the payment usually within one day. You will receive horoscope predictions within 3 - 5 business days (excluding week-ends).
Most Frequently Asked Questions About our service

1. What kind of details I will get?
We will include your birth chart with dasha and bukthi details. And your question will be answered by KT Astrologer in detail.
2. Can I ask question after I receive the report?
Yes, your follow-up questions will be answered promptly. But if you ask questions after couple of months, then you have to pay the fee again.
3. Can I get telephone consultations?
Yes. Follow up Phone consultations are offered after making additional payment. Please refer to the table above for the rates.
4. Is my information is secured and confidential?
Yes, your chart details, birth date, time, questions you asked and every communication will be kept completely confidential.
5. Can I get 2, 3 years or 5 years detailed report?
You can send an email to ktastrologer@gmail.com for customized pricing based on your need.
Real Name Kathir Subbiah
Known As KT Astrologer
KT Means First and Third Letter of Real Name "Kathir"
Age 46

2001 - 2003 MS Software Systems, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India
1997 - 2001 AMIE Computer Science, Institution of Engineers (India), Kolkata, India
1993 - 1996 Diploma in Computer Technology, Seshasayee Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India.

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Real Name in Indian Languages: கதிர் சுப்பையா, काथिर सुब्बैया
Stage Name in Indian Languages: கே. டி. ஜோதிடர், केटी ज्योतिषी
Other Names published in Media with translation: Kathir Subaiya, काथिर सुबैया, KT ఆస్ట్రాలజర్, KT ജ്യോതിഷി, KT ಜ್ಯೋತಿಷಿ
Full Name in English: Kathiresan Subbiah

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