Jun 27, 2016 Daily Rasi Phalam for Chingham (ചിങ്ങം) by KT Astrologer

Mon Jun 27, 2016

Mumbai, India Time Zone: GMT +5.50

Moon positioned at Poorvabhadrapada Star 4 padha in Meena Rasi at time of Sun Rise 06:06 AM





You need to take care of your helath. There is no surprise if you have to check with physician.

11 [08 - 30]

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Since intensity of the family problems on the higher side; stay patient enough to handle the situation.

09 [07 - 20]

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Good day to spend time with your mate to talk about the misunderstandings.

06 [03 - 19]

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You may lose interest in working because of workload or office politics.

07 [03 - 23]

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You may experience excessive delays with traffic; detours; etc

09 [07 - 30]

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Expenses may skyrocket and you may not be happy with your current financial situation.

11 [09 - 30]

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If you are not careful; you may end up in losing money in speculative trading.

08 [05 - 29]

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God bless you!
Written by KT Astrologer

Meenam (മീനം)

Medam (മേടം)

Edavam (ഇടവം)

Midhunam (മിഥുനം)

Kumbham (കുംഭ)

Karkidakam (കര് ക്കിടകം)

Makaram (മകരം)

Chingham (ചിങ്ങം)

Dhanu (ധനു)

Vrishchikam (വൃശ്ചികം)

Thulam (തുലാം)

Kanni (കന്നി)

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