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Food Recipe For Chettinad Special Idli


  • 6 cup Idli rice (or boiled rice)
  • 1 cup whole urad dal
  • 4 spoon salt




  • Soak Idli rice for 6 hours and urad dal for 2 hours.
  • First grind urad dal for 20 minutes in grinder, splash little water while grinding and take out and keep in a tall silver pan.
  • Then grind soaked Idli rice for 30 minutes with little amount of water and must splash water every 10 minutes while grinding.
  • Must grind like a smooth paste and take out and pour in the same pan where you have the grinded urad dal.
  • Put 4 spoon salt and mix the grinded urad dal and Idli rice (batter) by hand for 5 minutes.
  • Close the pan and leave it overnight or at least 12 hours.
  • The flour (batter) should come up little higher.
  • Now you can make Idli in the Idli cooker or Idli pan.
  • Enjoy having Chettinadu Special Idli with Sambar and/or Thovaiyal and/or Chutney.