Jupiter Transit (2016 - 2017) (Second Phase) Horoscope (Guru Peyarchi / Guru Gochar) for Leo (Simma Rasi)

Sep 20, 2016 to Jan 18, 2017 Great Career and financial success (85 / 100)

If you have ailing health, will recover a lot and you will regain your sound health back completely. Your cholesterol, sugar and BP levels will come down to normal. The relationship with your spouse will get much better. This period will give you good opportunity to discuss the problems and develop smooth relationship. Your children will start listen to your words, can give you mental peace. If you are single, it is a good time to look for a match. Lovers will resolve their conflicts and find good time on romance. Conjugal bliss is indicated for married couples.
If you are currently unemployed, of working temporarily, you will get a full time position with good salary package now. You would be happy with the progress you make on your career. If you are currently employed, you will go through positive changes at your workplace. Your new boss would be happy with your progress and will be supportive of your growth. It is a good time to discuss the promotion and other immigration related benefits with your employer now. Business people will have their fortune days now and can see very good growth and success. Freelancers and commission agents will do extremely well now.
Finance is looking great. Expenses will come down while cash flow is high. Surplus money will make you feel happy. It is a good time to buy your primary home as well as sell your real estate investment properties. Only professional traders can shine well during this phase due to Ardhastama sani. I would not recommend novice investors to get into stock market for speculative trading. If you are from movie industry, it is a good time to work on the projects, audio launch and movie release.

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