2016 New Year March 2016 to Aug 2016 Horoscope Predictions for Cancer (Kataga Rasi)

March 26 to Aug 11 Excellent Growth and Happiness (75 / 100)

The problems with your spouse and other family members will get fixed. It is a good time conjugal bliss with your spouse. Eligible couples will get blessed with baby now. If you are a women and planning to start pregnancy cycle now, then make sure to have enough natal chart support since later this year is not looking so great! Lovers will find very good relief and come out from their �panic� situation now. Many subha karyas will be happening and you will be busy in attending those function can make you feel happier.
This period can give you very good fortunes on your career. If you unemployed and looking for a job change, then you will definitely make it now. The new offer would be looking very decent, but may not be excellent since Saturn can limit your growth to some extent. Long waited promotions and salary hikes can happen now. Your work pressure and tension will go down. You will develop smooth relationship with your managers and co-workers. Business people will have very good time and will be able sign new contracts and deals. You can apply for business loans and will get approved quickly. You may also expect to receive funding from outside investors.
You will do very well on your finance. Your debt problems will get fixed with the help of new increased income, decreasing medical and travel expenses, refinance to lower APR, etc. You may also get help from your friends and relatives. If you want to do any real estate transactions, you can do it safely now. Your time is looking very good to sell your properties compared to buy new properties. If you are holding any stocks in the long term, it will show you good profits now. It is safe to close your stock investments by end of July to protect you from the losses. Note: If you sell the stock, the price will go up. If you buy and hold it, then it will go down from Aug 2016. In either way, you will get affected for the rest of the year from August.

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