2016 New Year March to July 2016 Horoscope Predictions for Scorpio (Vrishchik Rasi)

March 26 to July 31 Good Recovery (50 / 100)

You will start working on family problems. If you are running favorable maha dasa, your family problems will get fixed and will lead smooth life. Otherwise you will notice that your temporary separation to continue without any solution. There will be lack of conjugal bliss. If you are getting married now, make sure you have good natal chart support. Lovers will find some relief now.
If you have lost job recently, you will get an offer which may be well below your qualification at a remote place. But you will not have any other option except to accept the offer. You will continue to have consistent work pressure and tension. Still it is not a good time to except any growth on your career. Business people will start seeing significant relief. You will get few small orders to run your business. You will be able to borrow money at this time, however it is better to avoid it since you would not be able to repay in time.
Finance situation will improve compared to last couple of months. But you will not see any fortunes. You will be able to pay down your debts to bring it under your control. You may also start liquidating your fixed assets at significant loss to pay off your debt. It is a bad time to do any real estate transactions. Stay away from stock market trading since wealth destruction is indicated on the cards.

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