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2014 Numerology Predictions

Wish you happy new year 2014.


Adding the numeric digits in 2014 comes to 7 which is ruled by Ketu. If you look at the Ketu on the sky, it is currenly placed on the star of Aswini. Besides moon is transitting into Moolam Star which is also ruled by Ketu. Everything signifies that 2014 will be dominated by Ketu.


Ketu will put people into spirtiual path however it does not come easily. Ketu create more problems and pains in a person's life and then make people do self realization. People born in Kala Sarpa Dosha will see adverse results during this year.


Last year 2013, ruled by Venus would be a very smooth ride for many people. But you can not expect the same in 2014. Unexpected problems might create anxiety to the people in the world.