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Naming Baby or Changing your name based on Numberology


You are being called with your name. Do you know whether it is really a lucky one? In other words, by changing your name, can you bring or increase luck? My answer would be both Yes and No on case by case.


Yes, you can change your luck by changing your name but it depends on your destiny. Meaning if you are going to have a favorable upcoming maha dasa, then only you will start thinking about changing your name if it is not favorable.


No, by changing your name, you can not change the fate. Meaning you would not be interested in changing your name when you have upcoming sequence of bad periods.


Overall your destiny or fate determines whether your name needs to be changed or not. And nothing is in our control.


Change Name Numerology by KT Astrologer


Each and every number is ruled by a planet. Click here to get the list of number and their ruling planet.


BTW, how do we identify which number is favorable for a person? There are couple of methods:


1. Making your name number same as your Life Path Number or Birthday Number

2. Check your moon sign and findout the auspicious planet for the moon sign. Use that planet number as your name number

3. Look at your horoscope and identity the yogakara planet on your chart and have that planet number as your name number

4. Identify the Maha Dasa and based on that change your name number. However this approach would not be practically possible since you may have to go through couple of maha dasas, changing it would be difficult.


On the above 4 methods, most commonly used method is #1. However it would not yield favorable results to all since chances are there that your life path number may not be beneficial based on your natal chart. In this what can we do? Go with the option #1 and #2 on the above list. You will get two sets of numbers. If there is any common number, then that would be the perfect choice. If there is no common numbers, then idenity the friendly number (planet) that can fit into both categories.


Solely depending on the method 1, can make things much worse in some cases. So it is always better to check your natal chart / moon sign along with life path and birthday numbers.


Let's work on an example:



Date of birth: Sep 08, 1926 at 12:00 PM IST

Ascendant: Viruchigam (Scorpio)

Moon Sign: Kanni (Virgo)


Life Path Number: 08-09-1926 = 9

Bithday Number: 8


For the person, DAVID ALERTS born on Sep 8, 1926:

Lifepath Number: 9

Birthday Number: 8

Name Number: 9


You might be thinking that it is an excellent name since name number matches with lifepath number and it can bring great fortune. But unfornately it is not true. If you look at the horoscope, he belongs to Kanni Rasi (Virgo Moon Sign). Mars (9) is not a good planet and can yield unfavorable results. To make things worse, Mars is placed on 8th house to his natal moon. Based on his horoscope, the numbers 5 and 6 can yield benefic results.


Lifepath and Birthday number suggets: 8 and 9

Natal chart suggests: 5 and 6


So the best option would be having name number as 6 since 6 can work well with 8. Changing the DAVID ALBERTS to DAVID ALBERT will make the name number as 6. And this can yield favorable results.