Travel to foreign country as per Vedic Astrology


Travel and / or tours to foreign countries are very much interesting. Many people would like to travel even if they do not want to settle down in abroad.


We can classify the 12 lagnas into 3 categories.


Sara Lagna - Mesham, Katagam, Thula, Makaram

Sthira Lagna - Rishabam, Simham, Viruchigam, Kumbam

Ubaya Lagna - Midhuna, Kannai, Dhanushu, Meenam



Out of which Sara Lagna is having great advantage of moving fast into other places. Ubaya lagna has some advantages on moving where as Sthira lagna indicates no movement to other placement. This is only a general classification.


As per vedic astrology, the 9th and 12th houses, the position of 9th and 12th lord are very importanet for travelling to foreign land. The strong position Jupiter and Saturn will indicate great oppotunities in foreign land.


For example, Mesha Lagna comes under Sara lagna indicating faster movement. For Mesha Lagna, Jupiter is being 9th and 12th lord. If Jupiter is placed very well on the native chart, he will travel to abroad during Jupiter Dasa or Jupiter bukthi. Even though if Jupiter dasa or bukthi period is not running, the native can travel abroad easily when Jupiter is favorable on the transit aspecting his moon sign.


Even for Sthira Lagna and even with out the support of 9th and 12th hours and lord, one person can travel abroad as long as he is running any one of the favorable dasa and bukthi period. Such person can travel to foreign country especially when Jupiter is aspecting the moon sign from 9th place. During the months July through Oct 2013, Jupiter is transiting onto Gemini Moon Sign. So Thula Rasi People and Dhanushu Rasi People can travel abroad only with the strength of ruling planets.