Immigration Prospects and getting Green Card as per Vedic astrology


In modern work, many people born in one country and move on to other countries for studies and work. After a while, they will permanently migrate to another country. Is there any aspect that can support migration as per vedic astrology? Yes, it is! If you are migrating permanently to another country, then definitely you need natal chart suuport.


We can classify the 12 lagnas into 3 categories.


Sara Lagna - Mesham, Katagam, Thula, Makaram

Sthira Lagna - Rishabam, Simham, Viruchigam, Kumbam

Ubaya Lagna - Midhuna, Kannai, Dhanushu, Meenam



Out of which Sara Lagna is having great advantage of moving fast into other places. Ubaya lagna has some advantages on moving where as Sthira lagna indicates no movement to other placement. This is only a general classification.


The houses to consider are 9th and 12th house. The lords to consider are 9th lord, 12th lord, Jupiter and Sun. Stronger 9th and / or 12th house can lead to easy migration to another country. As long as you have got such as a strength, you will get your green card easily with any of your favorable dasa or bukthi period and ruling planets strength.


The planet Sun is very important in clearing the immigration issues. Stronger Jupiter will create smoother and easy migration another country. So many people do get their green card based on their natal chart rather than the ruling planets support. Of course, ruling planets are very important but natal chart must support otherwise people have to wait for their green card for many years.


Especially when people are having afflicted 9th or 12th house or when they are running unfavorable maha dasa or bhadaka maha dasa, it can delay the green card process by couple of years. When there is an permanent affliction to 9th house and 12th house and when Jupiter and Sun are not placed well, people will never get an opportunity to settle down in abroad. When they are running favorable maha dasa and bukthi period, they can only travel to abroad to spend their vacation.