Remedies For Kalathra Dosham (Delay in Marriage) by KT Astrologer


What is Kalathra Dosham?


Kalathra Dosham (Kathira Dosha) can cause delay in marriage and can end up in no marrige during the current life. The houses 2, 7 and 11 is considered for judging the Kalathra Dosham on a chart. However 7th house is given paramount importantance. Venus is the Kalathra Karaka in boy's horosocpe and Jupiter is the Kalathra Karaka in girl's horosocpe


No connection between 2nd, 7th and 11th house can lead to delayed marriage usually. The malefic planet or malefic affliction in 7th house or in 7th lord can create problems in married life. The array of planets affliction with 7th house or 7th lord can cause divorce and re-marriage.




Usually the strong and benefic present on 7th house can lead to happy married life. If there is a connection with Bhadaka or Maraka with Karaka or 7th lord, then the horoscope needs to be analyzed carefully. Even though such aspect exists, the effects will be seen only during the corresponding Maha Dasa or Bukthi (Athar Dasa) Period. If such a dasa period is already passed in early life or coming up in later age (after 60 or 70), then there will not any issue. The young to middle age is very important.



In case of such dosham present and active maha dasa is running, then the native will experience in delay in getting married. If already married, it can create serious conflicts between the spouse and can lead to temporary or permanent separation.


Today's fast and competitive world, married people with kalathra dosha do not wait until the malefic dasa or bukthi period to get over. They will soon end up in seeking for divorce. It affects both (the boy and girl) in married life. Because once the worst time period has passed, there will not be any more issue. Tolerance and adjustments / compromise can lead to happy married life in the long term.