Remdies For Pitru Dosha by KT Astrologer


When does Pitru Dosha Occur?


If there is an unnatural (like accident) or immature death (fatal or child death) occurs for a native, the soul will not reach the source until when it is supposed to go out of this world natually. It means only the body disappears but the soul will reside earth. This is also called as suspended souls or Pitras or Pitrus.


Besides even though if it is a natural death, if the native's forefathers / ancestors will not attain peace due to dissatifcation in some cases. This "dissatifcation" can be becasue of lack of rituals, untolerable pain, strong desires that are not fullfilled, during their last days of their life. Also it does not have to your forefathers, can be your close friends or family friends or relatives or lived closer to you.


We can say the souls which not attained peace, will follow their next generation people or anyone else having weak planet positions on their horoscope. Knowingly or unknowlingly those natives (who are followed by pitrus) are responsible for making sure that the souls reach peace. Otherwise the natives will see big losses and misfortunes and obstacles in everything they do. If a native suffers from such effects, it is called Pitru Dosham.


Do I have Pitru Dosham on My chart?


Experienced astrologers can guide you whether you have got pitru dosham on your chart or not. If you have got complete benefic 9th house, then you will not have pitru dosham. Rahu, Saturn or Sun or Maraka or Bhadaka are responsible for creating Pitru Dosham. It is bit difficult to explain for me since there are so many rules. It is better to have your chart looked up by your astrologer.


Why did I get Pitru Dosha?

This is another frequently asked question. But the answer is very simple and it caused by you in your previous birth. You might have done the following activities in your previous birth.


1. Sexual relationship with anyone except your spouse.

2. Extra Marital Affairs.

3. Cheating in love or marital relationship.

4. Killing people.

5. Excessive eating of Non-Veg food.

6. Cheating people to attain money, more wealth and other pleasures.


I am including one more point to this list:

7. Getting Married by making parents unhappy - Note that this one will not cause pitru dosha for you. But your kids will suffer from Pitru Dosham.



Effects of Pitru Dosha?


1. Delay in getting married for no valid reasons.

2. Fatal death, miscarriage.

3. Failures even after many attempts. [Like if you toss a coin 10 times, all 10 times you will come up with wrong result, even though winning probability is 50%]

4. Repeated finanicla loss in business or investments, etc.

5. Depression, mental anxiety disorder, etc. Even after medical treatment, there will not be any relief or improvements.




1. Do pitru dosha Pooja to please ancestors / manes at anyone of the following holy places:









2. I have given here the best days to perform this pooja. There are three options: (Please refer to complete panchangam for start and end time of the Tithis)


Option 1: A best day to perform this puja is either Amavasya (preferably) or Krishna Chaturdashi (one day before Amavasya, if there is mental anxiety problems) in any month.


Option 2: The best dates for doing Pitru Puja / Tharpanam is,
Amavasya Day on the month of Magha (Maasi). That's when Sun will be transiting in Kumba Rasi (Aquarius Moon Sign).


Upcoming Dates:

March 8, 2016

Feb 26, 2017

Feb 15, 2018

March 6, 2019

Feb 23, 2020



Option 3: Mahalaya Krisha Paksha This is the 15 days starting from Pournami (Full Moon Day) to Amavasya (New Moon Day) in the month of Purattasi or Bhadra or Bhadrapada. The Amavsya Day is looking very good and is called Mahalaya Amavasya.


Upcoming dates:

From Sep 17, 2016 to Sep 30, 2016

From Oct 6, 2017 to Oct 17, 2017 and Sep 19, 2017

From Sep 26, 2018 to Oct 8, 2018


4. If a girl is suffering from Pitru Dosham, her father, brother, husband or son can perform this puja with presence of the girl.


5. Recite Hanuman Chalisa and Sudharsana Maha Mantra on Saturdays.


6. If you live in foreign countries, you can do Sudharsana Homa at your home.


7. Keep praying ancestors on the day of Amavasya and / or the day before Amavasya.


7. Chant Gayatri Mantra and / or Sudharsana Maha Mantra.