Remedies For Planet Jupiter - Guru


Jupiter (Guru)


When you are running weak Jupiter Maha Dasa or antardasa (bukthi) or when you are facing problems related to Guru Graha

  • Wear 5 faces Rudraksha
  • Pray Lord Shiva
  • Fasting on Thursday or at least avoid non-veg food on Thursdays
  • Keep your teachers or mentors happy
  • Visit Guru Sthalam is Alangudi Temple in Thiruvarur district of Tamil Nadu. It is around 17 km south of Kumbakonam. You can also visit Thirukkachi Varadharaja Temple in Tamil Nadu.
  • Donate money to poor girls to get married.
  • Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces Moon Signs. Topez gemstone is good for the planet Jupiter. Yellow or Golden Yellow Topez is the best one. You can also go with Yellow Sapphire gemstone if you would like. But the color should be yellow.


    Gemstone remedy for planet Jupiter Yellow Topez


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