Remedies For Planet Moon - Chandiran


Moon (Chandiran)


When you are running weak Moon Maha Dasa or antardasa (bukthi) or when you are facing problems related to Chandra Graha

  • Wear two faces Rudraksha
  • Pray Durga Devi
  • Fasting on Monday or at least avoid non-veg food on Mondays
  • Keep your mother happy
  • Visit Thingaloor temple located about 8 KMs from Tiruvaiyaru near Thanjavur district
  • Help people who are suffering emotionally or mentally challenged
  • Donate money (if you can) to mental hospital
  • Moon rules Cancer Moon Sign. Moonstone is the best one for the planet Moon. Milky white is the best color for this one.


    Gemstone remedy for planet Moon Moon Stone


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