Remedies For Sayana Dosham (Marital Problems) by KT Astrologer


What is Sayana Dosham?


Sayana Dosham is connected with Marital Problems and it mainly denotes the sexual incompatibility between the couples. But it can also cause delay in child birth as a domino effect.


When the native has the a weak 12th house, then he may end up having Marital Problems. The weak 12th house meaning that a malefic present on the 12th house. When the there is a powerful Jupiter or Mars aspect to 12th house when such a planet being yogakara for the ascendant, this dosham will get nullified.


Eventhough there is a malefic planet or aspect to 12th house, it is nothing to be feared. Because the problems will rise only during that particular maha dasa or bukthi period. If there is no such maha dasa in active age or such maha dasa is already over, then there will not be any issue.




If bukthi period (Anthar Dasa) of 12th lord or the malefic planet aspecting 12th house is running, the native will experience conflicts and arguments on sexual and relationship issues. Since the bukthi period is usually short, if there is a ruling planet support for at least one of the couple (either the boy or girl), the intensity of the problem would go down. Otherwise the couples will suffer for a period of 6 months to 1 years since Jupiter being favorable for every other year between the couple.


The other important thing is when maraga dasa is running, couples may encounter the problems in their marital life. But Maragan is fully effective only for Thula Lagna and Mesha Lagna. People born in other lagna would not experience any major issues.


Sayana dosham is nothing to be feared but to get to know about the problems and get deep understanding between the couples.