Why gochara effects will not function same for all people born in same rasi?


People do often compare themselves with other people born under the same rasi and feel bad about the results are not good as their fellow rasi people. This is true since the reason is even though people are born on same rasi but their natal chart would differ completely. When the predictions are seen based on moon sign as well as their natal chart along with current running dasa, bukthi, antara, sukshama, predictions would be more accurate up to 80%. The rest 20% is unpredictable or hidden in the chart. It can be analysed only through the spritual knowledge.


Compare two people born on same rasi and on the same day, lets say, meena rasi and they are going through asthama sani. How severe the impact would be for the two people? It would be same? Definitely not. Both people are running Venus maha dasa, but their lagna is different. The first person was born in Mesha Lagna and the other was on Kanni Lagna.


Even though both are having same birthday, same rasi and same venus maha dasa along with asthma sani, the person born on Kanni lagna would be very lucky and he will see little pain and pull back from his life style and he will keep going up in his life during asthama sani. But the person born in Mesha Lagna, Venus maha dasa would be terrible. Besides he has to go through asthama sani. The combined effects would make his life miserable and all around pain in each and every aspect of life.


Whatever you see on by gochara effects works for 50% only. The rest 50% is based on your natal chart. So do not get afraid of asthama sani and do not be too happy when Jupiter is aspecting your rasi. This percentage will also vary from person to person based on their strength based on their lagna and moon position.


If you are taking any major decisions, it is worth checking the gochara effects and your natal chart to see whether your current running dasa is favorable or not.