Venus (Sukra) Dasa is good for every one?


Venus (sukra) is considered as a subha graha (benefic / auspicious planet) by nature. It is completely agreed by all astrologers. However people think sukra dasa will be doing good for every one's life. Is this statement is true? No. It is not.


Venus dasa period is of about 20 years. Even though it is a subha graha, it may not good for everyone. For some people, it would be the worst dasa period. Let's analyse on for whom venus will be benefic and malefic.

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For Mesha (Aries) Lagna, Sukran is 2nd and 7th lord. It may tend to say that Mesha Lagna people will have an excellent results during sukra dasa. Unfortunately the contrary is true. Venus dasa would be terrible for people born in mesha lagna. Because both 2nd and 7th houses are considered as Maraka Sthanam. 99% venus dasa would do only bad things for Mesha Lagna. Problems with the spouse are definite. Womens will be causing damages to the native. Huge loss in investments is likely. Arts and media field would not be favorable. Problems with marriage including divorce might happen during this dasa period. Venus dasa will favor a little only when benefic Jupiter is aspected by Venus or the houses 2nd or 7th house. The benefic aspect from Jupiter can save only one house either 2nd or 7th, if venus is not aspected by Jupiter. For Mesha Lagna, Jupiter is considered as a very strong benefic planet.


For Rishabha (Taurus) Lagna people, venus belong to 1st and 6th house. As 6th house considered as malefic, the results will be mixed most of the time. Venus conjunction with Benefic mercury is often considered as positive.


For Midhuna (Gemini) Lagna, Venus dasa will do awesome results. They will shine very well in media, arts and entertainment field. TV / Movie sector will be very much favorable for them.


For Kataga (Cancer) Lagna, Venus dasa is not good. Again the same rule for Mesha Lagna applies here. If 9th lord Jupiter is aspecting Venus, then it is capable of changing the malefic results into benefic. But the chance are only 5%. The rest 95% of people born in kataga lagna, venus dasa is very bad.


Fo simha (Leo) Lagna, Venus belongs to 3rd house and 10th house. Even though 10th house is favorable, venus as the lord of 3rd house, is not considered good. Many people might see mixed results during dasa. But venus is not completely benefic planet for simha lagna people.


For Kanni (Virgo) Lagna, Venus will give excellent results. They will enjoy all the benefits of sukra dasa completely. Venus belongs to 2nd and 9th house of Kanya Lagna people.


For Thula (Libra) Lagna, Venus will give excellent results. Since Venus is lagnadhipathi, venus will tend to give more positive results during its dasa period.


For Viruchiga (Scorpio) Lagna, venus dasa will be extremely bad. The reason is venus belongs to virarya sthanam and makraka sthanam. They will experience the similar results explained in mesha lagna.


For Dhanushu (Sagittarius) Lagna, Venus dasa is not good. Since it belongs to 6th and 11th house. Eventhough 11th house considered as gains, fulfillment, etc, venus being 6th house will tend to give bad or mixed results only.


For Makara (Capricorn) Lagna, Venus dasa would be wonderful. They will enjoy all the benefits of sukra dasa completely. Venus does give as much as it can to the native. They will be blessed with good health and wealth, name and fame during venus dasa. They will be very successfull in cinema, arts, entertainments, television, etc. Retail sector will also be very ggod for them.


For Kumba (Aquarius) Lagna, venus belong to 4th and 9th house. Since 9th house is not considered as good for Kumba lagna, they will experience only bad results.


For meena (Pisces) lagna, venus belong to 3rd and 8th house. Since 3rd house is not good, they will also experience the bad results.


As a summary, venus dasa favors only for people born in Mithuna, Kanni, Thula, Makara lagna people.


Kanni & Makara Lagna people experience the best and Mesha & Viruchiga lagna people will experience the worst during Sukra dasa.


Note that the malefic efforts can be reduced or changed completely into positive by where venus is placed in a horoscope and how venus is aspected by malefic and benefic planets. If any benefics or yogakara to the lagna is aspecting either Rishabha or Thula House, it will also help to a great extent.


Besides, venus effects discussed in this article are applicable to venus bukthi (anthar dasa) period also.