Saturn Transit (2014 - 2017) July 2015 to Nov 2015 Horoscope (Sani Peyarchi / Shani Gochar) for Leo (Simma Rasi)

July 14, 2015 to Nov 28, 2015 All Around Problems (15 / 100)

This is going to one of the worst part of this saturn transit. Even though you do things correctly, you will not get the positive results. The combined effects of Jupiter on your Janma Sthanam and Saturn on your Ardhastama sthanam are not looking good. You are expected to see all around problems during this time. Your health will get affected adversely. You will get into severe fights with your spouse that can lead to temporary separation. Legal issues are also indicated on the cards. Lovers may feel bad because of temporary separation or broken relationships. Make sure you have good moral support from your good friends. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages since it will make your situation much worse. This is the perfect worst time to look for a match and to get married.
You need to have enough tolerance at your workplace. People running with weak maha dasa might even lose their Job. You will have more finance problems during this period. Business people and traders will not have good luck on their investments. Both unfavorbale Saturn and Jupiter on transit, is capable of collapsing your accumulated wealth in many years. You will end up in having too much debts if you are not careful.

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