Jupiter Transit (2017 - 2018) Finance / Money Horoscope (Guru Peyarchi / Guru Gochar) for Leo (Simma Rasi)

Finance / Money

There will be enough bitter pills to affect your financial growth for the next over 12 months. While income is steady, your financial commitments will continue to move up. Your savings will drain out at faster pace and you need to depend on credit cards for survival. Avoid buying luxury items and try balance your entertainment related expenses.
Your bank loans will not get approved with poor credit rating. Your credit card promotional rates will expire and you will start paying more on interest instead of principal. It is not good time to buy gold jewelries. If you are running weak maha dasa, then you may have to sell your fixed or tangible assets to liquidate money and generate more cashflow.
It is not a good time to try out your luck from lotteries or gamblingļæ½s. Avoid borrowing money as much as possible. Avoid co-sign any loans to your friends or relatives otherwise it will become your responsibility. You need to stay patient to go through this rough patch.

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