Jupiter Transit (2018 - 2019) Health Horoscope (Guru Peyarchi / Guru Gochar) for Aries (Mesha Rasi)


Jupiter on your 7th house in the past would have helped a lot to maintain sound health. Now Jupiter will be moving onto your 8th house of asthama sthana. Your physical body may not get affected. But you will have more anxiety and tension. Saturn on your 9th house may affect the health of your parents, especially father.
You will develop problems with persons who are close to you. This includes your spouse, children, parents or close friends. If you are running weak maha dasa, you may develop anxiety, depression and other disorder. You need to be careful with your friend circle. Your close friend may turn against you and become enemies. Avoid sharing personal matters to anyone including friends. You may get addicted to drinking alcoholic beverages, chain smoking with weak maha dasa.
If you are living in foreign country or distance place from home town, you may feel loneliness. It can increase your mental stress since you do not have any good friends or family members to share your feeling. This is the time you need to have very good mentor to advise you and cross the rough patch on your emotions. Recite Sudharsana Maha Mantra and Hanuman Chalisa to feel better.

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