2018 December Monthly Horoscope Predictions by KT Astrologer


Sun will be transiting from Vrischika Rasi to Dhanushu Rasi on Dec 16, 2018. Mercury will be in Vrischika Rasi for entire this month and getting vakra nivarthi on Dec 6, 2018. Venus will be forward motion and stays in Thula Rasi for entire this month.
Mars will be moving from Kumba Rasi to Dhanushu Rasi on Dec 23, 2018. Rahu will be in Kataga Rasi and Ketu will be in Makara Rasi this month. Saturn will be moving on the star of Pooradam / Purva Ashadha star in Dhanushu Rasi. Jupiter will cross the first 4 padas in Vrischikra Rasi by Dec 27, 2018.
People born in Meena Rasi, Rishaba Rasi, Kataga Rasi, Thula Rasi and Makara will have good fortunes. People born in Mesha Rasi, Vrischika Rasi, Midhuna Rasi and Dhanushu Rasi will experience more setbacks and troubles this month. People born in Kumba Rasi, Simha Rasi and Kanni Rasi will have mixed results.

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