2018 July Monthly Horoscope Predictions by KT Astrologer


Sun will be transiting from Midhuna rasi (Gemini) to Kataga Rasi (Cancer) by July 15, 2018.Venus will be moving from Kataga Rasi (Cancer) to Simha Rasi by first week of July 2018. Mercury will be in Kataga rasi for entire this month but gets retrograde on July 25, 2018.
Saturn Rx will continue to move backwards in Dhanushu Rasi (Sagittarius). Retrograde Mars will be making conjunction with Ketu on July 18, 2018. Jupiter will be going direct station on July 10, 2018. The effects of Jupiter will dominate more followed by Mars and Ketu conjunction.
Mars and Ketu will continue to push the home prices downwards aggressively. Natural disaster or man-made disaster, Geo political tension, plane crash or train accidents are possible for few days around July 18, 2018. People born in Mesha Rasi, Midhuna Rasi, Kanni Rasi, Kumba Rasi and Dhanushu Rasi will have good fortunes from July 12, 2018.

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