2019 February Monthly Horoscope Predictions by KT Astrologer


Sun will be transiting in Makara Rasi and Kumba Rasi in this month. Rahu / Ketu transit is happening on March 09, 2019. But the upcoming transit effects of rahu and ketu can be felt well in this month.
Mercury will be fast moving from makara rasi to Meena rasi this month. Venus will be in Dhanushu rasi and moves onto makara rasi by end of this month. Mars will be moving from Meena rasi to Mesha Rasi on Feb 5, 2019.
Saturn will be crossing the 7th pada in dhanushu rasi this month. Saturn and Venus conjunction is happening on Feb 18, 2019. Jupiter will cross the 8th pada and move onto 9th pada in Vrischika Rasi this month. Jupiter will reduce its speed gradually going forward. People will feel the effects of Jupiter transit in Vrischika Rasi very well in this month.

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