2020 December Monthly Horoscope Predictions by KT Astrologer


Sun is transiting from Vrischika Rasi to Dhanushu Rasi on Dec 15, 2020. Mercury will be moving from Vrischika Rasi to Dhanushu Rasi on Dec 17, 2020.
Mars will be moving from to Meena Rasi to Mesha Rasi on Dec 24, 2020. Venus will be moving from Thula Rasi to Vrischika Rasi on Dec 11, 2020. Rahu will be in Rishaba Rasi and Ketu will be in Vrischika Rasi for entire this month.
Both Jupiter and Saturn will be in Makara Rasi for entire this month. Besides Saturn and Jupiter is making great conjunction on Dec 21, 2020. This is a powerful conjunction and that will happen only once in 20 years. Last time it has happened on May 28, 2000.
People running Jupiter and Saturn maha dasa will see more changes in fortunes based on their personal horoscope. Please click on your rasi to read the December 2020 monthly predictions.

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