2023 October Monthly Horoscope Predictions by KT Astrologer


2023 October Monthly Horoscope.
Sun is transiting from Kanni Rasi to Thula Rasi on Oct 18, 2023. Mercury will be moving at its regular speed in Kanni Rasi and Thula Rasi during this month.
Mars will be in Thula Rasi from Oct 05, 2023. Venus will be in Simha Rasi for the entire month.
Both Jupiter and Saturn will be in retrograde during this month. Especially Jupiter retrograde can cause major swings in economic growth. The transit of Rahu / Ketu is happening on Oct 31, 2023 based on Lahiri Panchang and Nov 01, 2023 based on KP panchang. The Guru Chandal yoga will be separated completely from Oct 31, 2023 is going to be another major event.
Again, there will be significant shift in fortune from Oct 31, 2023 as Saturn is going direct station as well as Rahu / Ketu transit.
It does affect fortune for the people in the world. People who ever done very well between April 2023 and Aug 2023 will start suffering a lot in the month of Sep 2023. On the same way, people who experienced bad luck between April 2023 and Aug 2023, will have good fortune until Oct 29, 2023.
If you make any fortune or lose a lot of money during this month, it is very clear that both cases will be short-lived for few weeks until Oct 30, 2023.
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